October 11, 2008 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 5 comments

Just got my car back from the detailer and had to stop by Platinum Motorsport to pick it up. They had me sign the Platinum Motorsport Celebrity Wall of Fame today ๐Ÿ™‚ even though, I’m not famous… I signed it anyways, everyone else up there is though. lol
Platinum is preparing for their 10 year anniversary party which is going to be HUGE! With hosts Kim Kardashian and performances by Fabolous and many many many more big surprises!

F.Y.I. nobody on earth is tuning or customizing cars like Platinum is. I’m sorry, I’ve been in this car game waaay before 20″s ever existed and they have taken the motorsport game to a whole different plateau. They have done all my cars since 2004 and it’s been better than dealing with any dealership or other motorsport place EVER! My 2008 M5 is such a beast and they did every single thing to it except the ecu tuning which was done by my boy Jags @ Singh Autosport.(there honestly isn’t a better ecu tuning person then Jags on the planet, he can guarantee get you over 31hp to the wheel to up to 100hp + with his cpu and magic) My car is obnoxiously loud and sounds like a nascar racing an f1 car all in 1. If you get a chance, stop by the shop, they’re located @ 7327 Melrose Ave. LA, CA 90046. They’re also the exclusive distributor for Agetro wheels and the Invader Body Kit. Their client list is thee who’s who of every celebrity world from pro athletes to A list actors/actresses and even famous doctors! THANK YOU GEORGE, JACK, SAM, HOVO, VICK AND POPS FOR EVERYTHING!

here’s some pics of what my M5 currently looks like

if you want to hear how loud and retarded my car sounds like in the morning, then click on the video below… remember folks, this is a cold start, so its not even at full throttle! ๐Ÿ˜‰

WHAT’S A GOOK TO A GOBLIN? knotts scary farm!

October 10, 2008 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 1 comment

So I’m waking up tired as hell today, but with a huge smile on my face.
Last night was a lot of fun, met some new folks, all good peoples. It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to get from Beverly Hills to Orange County (I still love LA, don’t care).
But anyways, me and some homey’s hit up Knotts Scary Farm last night and it was crowded like a $##%$%# there. I haven’t been on a true roller coaster in about 15 or so years; jesus they have changed so much. I felt like my stomach was gonna bust open and I was dizzy when we got off the first ride, but it was a great way to pop our cherry for the park. Overall the park was 1 gigantic anxiety attack. Everywhere you went there was someone to annoy and scare the shit out of you. We hit up a few mazes, lines were long. But it was overall laughs seeing some of the homey’s get shook like girls and of course the girls screaming and grabbing my arms crazy(I have bruises maybe) lol. Unfortunately we didn’t get to ride Ghost Rider or get into the main attraction maze which was “Quarrantine” but I had a great time.
oh! they had turned the OG log ride and train ride into mazes and both of those rides scared the shit out of everyone. HAHAHA.
btw, Jonas you’s a fool for that call! I got you son, takeover part 7 (is that where we are in world domination?).

a couple pics…..

yes I know, I’m a hooligan… who wears burberry boxers and why am I saggin? thats just me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gotta get ready for the day…. I got an “ILL LOCA” piece to make for a client in Japan. I have to finish up icing out a Breitling and chain and I’m still waiting on the biggest jewelry deal I’ve worked on in my life! LET’S CLOSE AND SEND ME THE CHECK!!!!!

oh the website will fully launch this weekend, i’m really happy. THANK YOU EMIL!
you are a true master at your craft and then some!


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so anyways, I’m trying to upload pics and get back into the whole blog mode….
so the other night I was at my friend Paris’s house, she had a going away party (she’s off to london for a month) and of course I love the company there (my amc fam! shout outs to Tal, Benji & my boy Turbo) and the food and desserts are always on point! her house parties are always sponsored by Belvedere Vodka… but the best part of the party are the party favors on the table. lol

yes, no need to stop at the gas station to get lighters or stoggies… miss hilton got you covered ๐Ÿ˜‰

so moving on and forward, I got a new desk and chair last night… thanks to the homey Peter aka PGA for helping me get it to the trap! so anyways, this is where I blog from at home (at work, I’m on a mac with the same desk)

I know, I know, the wires are a mess…. My BlackBerry Bold is totalled, so I’m waiting on my new unlocked one anyday now from my purple homey in the tdot! ๐Ÿ˜‰

okay, gotta roll, got my manager Bo coming by to talk biz, then I’m headed to Knotts Scary Farm and I’m hyped about that!

oh yeh! one last thing….
if you’re in the hollywood area tonite. please check out my boys SNOT (lynn R.I.P.) for a 10 year reunion party basically at the Key Club on the sunset strip! they’ll be ripping shit up and I wish I could be there, but I got prior engagements. I used to DJ for Snot, man…. the golden years!

happy bday Nicky, I know you’re penthouse party tonite will be crackin. and shout out to my boy Rob Kardashian…. he’s hosting a party tonite @ vanguard with the Crooks dudes and my homey Jeri Lee is on the go go’s there tonite.

okay peace y’all for real now!