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damn, what a day! had to hit my agency (the gersh agency) for some meetings in regards to my TV show…. some very good, some ok, but overall it was a very productive day. I couldn’t believe my eyes when one of my producers came to the meeting with an attache’ case and a banana republic type suit. lol. He’s usually wearing matchstick tight skinny jeans and some chuck taylors. CAM! hahahahaha you looked like shayan’s lover. all good. besides being one of the 2 producers of my tv show, Cam owns a t-shirt brand called 24k gold, peep it out.
again nice suit bro. haha

for all you bold lovers, thats cool if you finally got one, but how bout the batline? something you can slide in your pocket for the breezies? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fuck the pearl, shits lame… SO STEP YOUR BLACKBERRY EXCLUSIVE GAME UP! you need to get you the FlipBerry! HOLLA!

see y’all later!


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for those who don’t know… Me and AM go back almost 20 years and our mutual circle of friends even longer. he was recently in a highly publicized plane crash that left another friend of mine Travis badly burned and 2 close friends dead (RIP CHE’ & LIL CHRIS)…..
tonite is an event in his honor to the homecoming of mr. Adam Goldstein…. he used to be AMG before he was ever AM and me and him have been through the trenches together in this crazy game. He’s come such a long way and I’m very proud of him. God had a plan for him to still be here, so god bless and thank you for peeping it out! Me and DJ AM and Homicide are also in a crew called AMC (Air Mack’s Crew) we created the crew in early 2002 and we rep still to this day!
here’s AM 15 years ago or longer….

here’s an OG pic of us. circa 2000

here’s an AMC pic of us circa 2003

don’t worry AM, I didn’t use any embarassing pics. lol. you got mad as hell last time me and craig were just tryin to have fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

and here is the info for the event for AM tonite @ the avalon

love you bro, always got your back


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I was supergrind all day today…. banks were closed due to a holiday ๐Ÿ˜ (if I was in school, I’d give a fuck about columbus day, but cmon). So after going to my factory to pick up my clients watch and start on a new piece and some custom rosary’s/watches, etc.. etc.. I went to shop for a new fish tank for my blacktip shark (he’s only 29″ long) but I can’t find space or room for him… need to asap.

anyways, enough with the boring shit, met up with my homey who wanted his Breitling Chronomat Evolution iced out and a new franco chain for his pendant… and this is what he got

pics of before the watch was IF handled: (pics taken 10/8/08, were closed sundays)

and pics of the aftermath…. today is the 13th

hella, hella icee ๐Ÿ™‚
and the satisfied customer holding up his jewels

thanks Bruce for the biz, appreciate it brodie.

NOW. F.Y.I. there is a well known jeweler in the city of Houston named TV Johnny aka Johnny Dang. He has stolen numerous pics of our custom perfected iced out Casio G-Shocks and is passing them off as his. EVERY SINGLE G-SHOCK ON HIS PAGE IS A PIC HE STOLE FROM US. We have the original pics and there are many jewelers who steal our pics, but he’s too well known to be doin this lame shit. I know Johnny and many of his close friends so I texted him and I called him and sent a formal letter to kindly take down our pics that you stole from our old site/myspace and do it asap…. I don’t get it. If you got a respectable business, why steal shit that ain’t yours? or take credit for jewels you didn’t make? NOW IT’S TIME TO PUT HIM ON FRONT BLVD. and put him on blast. Cmon son, your work is not up to par with ours. I’m a nice guy, my cousins are nice, but we work too hard for you to claim those are your watches and when the end result don’t look like the watches we do, then its just sad. Like a fine ass bitch on myspace with big ass tits, but she really had a helluva push up bra and when the titty’s come out they saggy B’s and stretched marked the fuck up. TAKE DOWN OUR PICS JOHNNY! thank you. Also, I’m not trying to hear you are too busy. I answer every personal call. I respond to texts and I read over 1,000 myspace messages and emails daily along with screaming at birds on the street, running a biz and doing 10,000 other things. handle that Johnny, I hate to get legal on some petty shit.

see y’all later, got 6 meetings with some big dogs in the morning, to discuss the filming schedule of my new tv show. maybe YOU will be on an episode.

peace, god bless!
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