APRIL 2ND… new store prices!

April 2, 2013 ⋅ by Ben Baller ⋅ 13 comments

so, no more foolery or trickery…
it’s april 2nd. guess what?
the chain is real. sorry to disappoint y’all. now I don’t care how much they make a year. whether it be 7 million or 9 million. what I do know is that the checks cleared and that’s ALL I care about. now. at the end of the day, that’s 26 kilos of 18k gold and 700 carats of vvs1 & vs1 D/E colored diamonds. so if you did the math you’ll see that’s a very good deal and since Ben Hundreds has a lot of family in the jewelry business, he knows that’s actually an awesome asset to sit on.
now if you actually want to buy the chain from them, it’s for sale here
I’m done with that…. we can talk about it in May or June or in 2014 when its still real.

so today is my wife’s birthday and before I head out to take her and my son around town…. I wanted to let you all know that. SINCE IT’S BEEN SUCH A GREAT YEAR: I HAVE LOWERED ALL THE PRICES ON THE ONLINE STORE PAGE!


god bless. thank you for checking out the blog…. I’m back until I get into a storm again or writers block.

also, check out FashionToast.com later today for my semi-professional photography test.


Eden the Movie, Black Mozart & Fashiontoast weekend wrap

April 1, 2013 ⋅ by Ben Baller ⋅ 13 comments

so here goes the weekend wrap and damn I feel great!
I am up to date on my blog!

before we get started, I’m a grown ass man if you didn’t already know. so with that said, I will be cashing a big check in an hour. I will not be talking about anything else in regards to that because it goes back to a situation I’m not proud of or happy with…. so thanks Bobby and Ben for the opportunity and with being a grown man, I do NOT fuck with April Fools jokes, I also wasn’t aware of the fact that the hundreds have done some april fools jokes, the only problem is that this didn’t fall on april fools.

I delivered the chain to them on Friday and they couldn’t again write me a check until this morning and I am done with that part now.

so on to the weekend wrap.
thursday, my boy Scott Disick wanted to cop some Yeezy’s and some J’s so I took him down to RIF, he was really hyped on how cool everyone was and now he’s a fan of the shop….

I’ve known Scott for 7 years now and this is the first time Ive seen him wear sneakers lol

while I was there, linked up with my boy Jerry Lorenzo of Fear Of God LA and he laced me with an early sample of this sick ass sleeveless hoody

I’ll be definitely bringing this to Korea and thank you Brother for linking me up with Matt Kemp… can’t wait to finish this custom piece for him. Go Dodgers!

and so I had to shake home real quick, cut my wig and shower and shave and head over to Beverly Hills for the Premiere of Eden the movie starring my friend Jamie Chung. the movie is about a teenage korean girl from new mexico who was kidnapped and forced into sex, slave prostitution and amongst minors. shit was really hard to watch and since it was based on a complete true story, the real life Eden was there and she said the movie had to be toned down on the gore and violence…. shitttt. about 10 minutes in I was ready to leave because now that I have a kid, fuck, it makes me so paranoid about how many scumbag piece of shits are out there in the world. anyways, the movie was good…. it felt so real at times, I thought I was watching a documentary. but go see it when it releases or watch it when you can… Jamie did a great job in the movie and I’m really proud of her. she doesn’t have to fall in that geisha girl role hollywood wants to put all asian women in and this was not an asian stereotype film. I know she may have came from the “real world” but I didn’t know her then…. the fact she’s korean and doing it, makes me want to support her even more… it’s hard to find those up and coming actors/actresses and support everyone, but once you at least got your foot in the door and I meet you, I’m all about doing whatever I can to help.

congrats Jamie, I wish you a long career….
and yes, I lost 9lbs. and yes those are real prescription HD lenses set in diamond supply co Cordova frames.

after that we left, couldn’t do the reception, I feel bad that my mother in law is watching London so much this weekend because I had events for each night of the weekend except sunday. But my in laws LOVE and are Obsessed with London. even though he is a beast and runs any home he is in!

on Friday I kept it light during the day and caught up on emails and pretty much got ready for the evening with my boy Ryan Leslie who was in town for a day and had a show at the Bellasco. My man has the most positive attitude about everything. when life throws him a curveball he smiles and usually hits that bitch out the park or gets a base hit at the least and I can’t think of too many folks who are that classy. for real. I feel like there have been so many obstacles trying to stop his path, but it was written and meant to be for my guy to do his thing with music… now he’s indy and promoting his new album “Black Mozart” and you already know he’s got some shit on there to slap in your car or ipod… His show was originally supposed to be at the key club, but they went out of business and shut their doors literally 3 weeks ago and fucked up things… it’s okay though, my boy got it in anyways and the fans came through regardless. not only that, when we got there, the keyboard was broken, some drums were broken and the club owners/promoters were trying to get mad at him about this shit when it was their fault…. so I went up on stage and broke it down for the fans… about 15 minutes later R Les was money and ready for the show… He gave a hell of a show and you can’t be the Black Mozart without a keyboard so thank god that got handled…. He did his thing with his band and no features…. oh wait, he had one cameo appearance by the bay area native Jasmine Villegas… I met her a while back through friends and she’s super talented… I don’t know why she hasn’t broke into stardom yet. I mean for real super duper stardom. she can sing for real. she’s cute and has a cool image. something ain’t right. but oh well, I’m not about to be a manager. am I? haha

anyways, the show was dope as fuck, he ended with an encore of How it’s supposed to be and I got a feeling he did that because he knows that my jam lol… the security got on stage and tried to shut down the show and he didn’t give not 1 single fuck….

well R, I appreciate the love as always and I’m glad you’re now about to kill shit musically in Korea… I know you and G-Dragon are about to make some legendary shit together!

it’s so much harder to do this all by yourself without a machine like Sony or Universal pushing you, so R Les…. god bless fam

after that, we weren’t about that club life, so we headed out to Yojie which was a block away and got down on some bomb ass shabu shabu

thank you Mendrick, your hospitality is always greatly appreciated. the food was excellent as always!

saturday, woke up to slanging a cross to my boy Nicky who is a korean cat who’s in Korea and in a korean rap group that just signed to Young Money. crazy, birdman signed them to a 5 album deal so much love and props….

after that, I made my professional photographer debut with my friend Rumi Neely who is top fashion blogger on the planet for real… we shot for about 4 hours around LA and I did some lightweight location scouting and I gave Rumi one of my women’s Diamond Supply x Cutty hoody and she loved it, so I shot her in it… I’m hyped to see those pics along with the pics for the content for her blog. I haven’t used an SLR is so long…
so we shot around hancock park, melrose, beverly hills and the miracle mile area…. but the shit came out amazing and if you know who she is, you already know she’s heavy in the fashion game and I was just as surprised as she was on the pics… they should come out today or real soon.

as soon as we wrapped up that, I had to shake home to get ready for a long overdue dinner with my bro mark sudack and his lovely wife laura. we went to a spot that has one of the highest ratings for any restaurant in the USA. seriously. I was like wtf? I can’t even describe it and say it’s mexican food because it’s so much deeper than that, but the spot is called Rivera and it is FUCKING AMAZING. the food was excellent. the portions are small and it’s expensive (could run over $400 easy without drinks for 2 couples) and we didn’t give a fuck. I will be going back often. we will be going back often. the pork? my god… and the deserts were really good too. but they’re actually known best for their drinks. anyways, great times, good company and I was stuffed…

I showed them our new place and then had to change again to get ready for my brother in law’s bday party at Infusion lounge in Studio City…. we headed up there and only hung out for an hour and the club scene is really not my thing and that’s mostly in LA, but overall I pretty much feel the same. I might go out if I’m in Miami or Hawaii maybe, but outside the country is where I would be more intrigued to be in a club; otherwise, I’m just over it. but I had to show face because my brother in law is a fucking solid guy and all his friends are solid good cool as fuck people…. happy birthday Vince!

I was really over it and I hope I didn’t upset anyone… but I wanted to get home and get some sleep….

woke up sunday morning at like 7am and started to blog… got as much done as I could and started with the Vegas/Magic wrap up first and got that out of the way… then worked on as much of the catch up blog for a couple hours and then headed to the London Hotel so that my son London could celebrate not only his first easter, but his mom and uncles birthday (my wife’s birthday is this Tues)… the food at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant is really hit and miss and for my meal, shit was a total miss. the only thing that was decent was the bread in the beginning of the meal and even that was only decent. eh… it was good being with family.

so my son’s first easter was special to me because I don’t want him to grow up to be a brat in public and things… and he got up to meet the easter bunny with zero fear!

I have never loved anyone or anything as much as I love my son. I knew it would be this way but didn’t know I could love anything this much.

I had a great productive weekend and now I must prepare for my trip to korea. I’m super geeked and I already have all my outfits ready to go…. gonna have a cool week and celebrate my wife’s bday and then it’s off to the motherland! I can’t wait to blog that!



hope to see you northwest cats up there! much love and I AM BACK AND FULLY UPDATED ON THE BLOG!


at last…

March 31, 2013 ⋅ by Ben Baller ⋅ 4 comments

finally; so here’s about 6 weeks of updates and I will be fully caught up to the weekend wrap which I will post tomorrow or the next day!!! WOW! smh

there will be food, kicks and jewels and some stories, shit maybe a lot of stories…

here we fucking go though

when I got back from Magic, even though I felt like shit, I linked up with this Rock and Roll cat Ronnie Radke and he’s major in the rock game….
he copped another big ass cuban, this time a 450 gram joint!

I haven’t met a rock cat yet who got heavy real gold around his neck like this….
we both got something in common too, both heavily hated on lol

also got to finally meet Rumi’s best friend Bryan Boy. Bryan is also one of the biggest fashion bloggers in the world and is just an all around funny fucking guy… he’s also on Americas Top Model now as a judge I think?

well we got to eat a fab dinner at Asia De Cuba after a little shopping at Philip Lim. I’ll get more into Rumi Neely later… I actually spent the entire day saturday shooting her for her blog. fucking crazy right? She gets shot by real professionals and some of the best photographers in the world…. from Terry Richardson to Patrick Hoelck, but anyways… let’s see how the photos came out!

me and my wife’s 1 year wedding anniversary passed
I won’t get too deep into that, but we ate at one of the best steak houses in LA. the funny thing is she doesn’t eat meat and I cut out red meat a month ago. so we just went to enjoy the awesome fucking view

it’s crazy, I used to hit this spot up a lot, now that I live down the street, I barely have time to go once a year… but really I barely get time to do anything. what’s crazier is that it feels like it was just a month ago that I got married.

you wanna see something awesome though?

KAWS! the man himself sent me a belated birthday gift!
so fucking dope!!!!

now some ice…

we made a 26mm miami cuban link just for the fuck of it….
I forgot how heavy that shit was when you’re just walking around. one key word: advil

had to break out the lovelys

this might be a shitty quality pic, but the pieces are all the way amazing! made this for a client. I can’t believe we never made a pac man piece yet…. shit is ultra dope though

made my man FATS a new white gold FATS chain and a baby size rose gold buddha head and a baby rose gold angel… I’m making a few more rose gold pieces for him and gonna finally make a “micro angel piece”
click our store page for details

speaking of rose gold…
I got to link up with Nicki Minaj while I was in vegas and she was filming American Idol and she’s been wanting to cop and rock some of my jewels…. dope as fuck for me and so meanwhile, I connected with her man Scaff Beezy who ordered a big ass heavy rose gold cuban! super thick!

my man SB’s jewelry game is not a game at all.
gonna be doing a lot with them (SB & nicki minaj)

how you want your cuban? high polished gold? or iced the fuck out??

and lastly to take it back to the old school

we got fat ass gold herringbone chains in stock!
fuck with us

because one of the biggest rappers in Korea does 😉

Jay Park was just featured in last months Men’s Health mag in korea and now I’ll be in Seoul in 1 week!!! I’m connecting with the biggest star out there! not just music, but fucking star for real! his name is G-Dragon and he just started his world tour…. but we’ll be linking to discuss everything from gold and diamonds to bacchus-d lol

so onto some kicks and shit…
complex mag did a story on the top sneakerheads and what they thought were they’re favorite Air Jordan shoe of all time was…. I obviously said the Air Jordan III black/cement joints….

those are definitely my top 3 favorites above and if you ever need dope shoes, just go to RIF.LA to find the best of the best for the best prices.

I rocked these and to be honest, I’m just not a big fan of the VII’s, but I’m trying to be a little versatile.

I was rocking these Lakers AJ VI’s and my team started to get on a mean win streak and then I stopped and Kobe got hurt smh…..

Kobe Grinch Greens…. lightwork. do you have these? 😉

AJ VI Golden Moments Pack… eh

I fuck with the infrared VI’s though…

I used to think these were cool

AJ V blackout… swagged out!

had to get my son fresh! thank you again Ed and Jeff at RIF LA for hooking up my son with the dopest Adidas Jeremy Scott kicks out!

finally got some deadstock space jams… I’m gonna get the soles restored

I’m so futuristic…. what’s them shoes? #Margiela

and with all the shoes… you know my sock game is on point and now with some custom socks!

I copped these for my wife… shit if they made a size 12 in these joints!!! I would be all over them! fuck…. they’re only $2,000 too

ok, that’s it for shoes!!!!

let’s get back to february and march!

we’re still dialing in our new home…. and we finally got some new couches

to give you an idea of how stupid long these couches are, they could fit 5 adults on each couch and they’re deeper than some love seats are wide! man… my wife hated the leather joints we had, so I finally gave in… just need a few side accents and our new dining table to come so we can have some awesome dinner parties here. and my new slim imac so I can blog easier 😉

London likes the couches!

oh speaking of my son…. his girlfriend Simone Tershay had her first birthday a couple weeks ago!

Nick and Michelle went all out…. He made diamond supply quickstrike tees from toddler sizes to adult… had tacos catered(wonder where he got that idea from???) and he got a putting green installed in his crib for the adults and just a bunch of fresh shit for kids to have fun. this is the type of shit that I will be doing for the next 10 + years with my kid(s). lol. it was good to see everyone too

and staying on diamond…
my tee/hoody did really well on the pre-orders but I know for sure this shit is gonna sell out quick!!!
it’s crazy and my boy Yousef just did the ordering for fairfax and I forgot we made a tiffany blue cutty hoody!

I have to get my tiffany blue sample hoody soon! shit is hard!
wait til you see the other 3 designs of my diamond supply x BB capsule collab coming!!! so sick!

now this is the part where I show off some gear lol…
diamond is my team and one of my biggest endorsements, but there is fam outside of this and it’s all love…

much love to Pharell, Phil and Mike at BBC for showing me love… love the fit and quality of all this shit!

the polo fits perfect!

much love to Keith and Garcia for the re-up on socks and for the super dope socks for my son!!!!


much love to Eddie Cruz, James Jebbia and Jeff Kutter over at supreme for showing love for 20 years now!!!!

earlier this month, I was invited to secret society type dinner and shit was really really really dope… I didn’t know the location of the party and they wouldn’t tell any of us… they invited 19 key tastemakers from across the country and we all sat down for a beautiful dinner hosted by James Bond and cooked by master chef, Chef Ludo…. all sponsored by Heineken and shout out to Team Epiphany for putting this whole shit together! shit was crazy…

from the editors of hypebeast to high snobiety to photos, actors, store and brand owners… it was a very fly event! I didn’t take many pics because I just tried to enjoy the moment and company… I think if you google it you might find something? don’t know…

but what I do know is…

man, the food was amazing… I destroyed the ceviche so fast before I realized that I should take a pic of the damn food.

pretty cool invite huh? Arrive BIG!

a couple weeks prior to that James Bond also invited me to a private dinner downtown at Gram and Papas….
he had a bomb ass fried chicken theme going!

shit was sooo good! I had some friend catfish medallions too!

I also got a new tattoo… and I should hopefully have my chest completely done by summer or at least have a BIG chunk done by summer and then definitely the whole chest before the holidays…. I don’t wanna get tatted during the summer

my man Chuey is a beast…

I got another session with Toons and Chuey next month! can’t wait…
while I was getting tattoo’d, Chuey’s apprentice showed me some of the work he got done by Chuey and I thought I’d show some of it….

Chuey is a cold motherfucker mang….
I got a few more big pieces getting done on my chest and then I’ll have Toons or him dial in the fill ins and details to complete that bish!


so last weekend was the Sneakerpimps Battle Royale NBA 2K13 tournament for a $2,000 grand prize and the turn out was good, but I thought it was going to be more sneaker related, when it really was more gamer oriented… still all good though. the event was at the Avalon nightclub in Hollywood.

I seen a kid whooping everyone’s ass by 10 points at least and even cats who were talking big game… then I met a dude who whooped that little boys ass by 15 points! so I said awww shit, it’s about to be on! but then his end came in the final four when he played this cat from up north who ended up winning it all. He played with OKC, but he said if needed to really beat someone, he will use Miami…. interesting that most of the winners either used the Lakers or OKC or Miami
well dude won $2,000 for just being nice with some sticks…

shout out to my friends who dropped by from khleo thomas to lucky I am to Karrueche and Bee Nguyen and Woo Crooks etc…. and of course one of the main sponsors RIF.

at the end of the night, my boy SchoolBoy Q went up and did a small 4 song set/show and he got it turnt up!

Q was rocking some Yeezy II’s that he copped at RIF of course 😉

after that, me and the boys from RIF went and ate at this spot called Flying Pig in Little Tokyo and you know when I was a kid, I used to look forward to going there and watching the cherry blossom parade or the Nissei festival etc… this was in the very early 80’s…. then around the late 80’s to the 90’s that popular area just died… I don’t know why either… a few very few staple japanese restaurants and a grocery store survived but many businesses closed down…. around the mid 2000’s to 2007 the area was like a ghost town. it was really dead and depressing…. so to see it flourish now and be very popping again brings a smile to my face… it’s so dope to see businesses doing well there and not only because RIF is there, but just all the restaurants and my boy Linn even owns a really cool boutique called Aristocrats and they sell cool shit like Deadline LTD, crooks, black scale, etc… so make sure you check out the area…. I have a few everyday go to spots to eat there too… like TOT or Koraku and of course Shabu Shabu house but I hate waiting in lines and they don’t take $20-$100 bill bribes….

this spot Flying Pig is a really small cool foodie joint and they have mad random shit from koread fried chicken to even Banh Mi and we tried a bit of everything and of course everything is pretty much pork related… but their Lobster Mac & Cheese is MONEY!

damn, we killed that shit! and I lost almost 10lbs in the last week or so and this definitely fucked things up… but I’ll drop another 4lbs before I hit the motherland

the next day it was a beautiful day, so we decided to head to the beach… one of my favorite spots that isn’t pretentious or a fucking nightmare to get to like Malibu… that would be Manhattan Beach

our first family trip to the beach though!

I wish I wasn’t on this diet because Manhattan Beach Pizza is probably one of the best in LA…. Nic did get some ice cream though lol…. walked down the pier, London really enjoyed the view and we checked out the mini aquarium and stuff…

he got his Gucci Cardigan on and his baby size Ray Ban wayfarers on! haha

we also took him on his first carousel ride!

he was so beat down after a real long day…

so after a little milk, my son was OUT!

London got his first two teeth and the teething has been having him cry a whole lot and he’s really fussy… he was a colic baby which was very tough on Nicolette and myself, but we got through it, but now he went right into teething…. damn

don’t let that cute face with the chubby cheeks fool you! my son is a beast!

so when I need some alone time or some meditation… I light up some candles… and thanks to my friend Rumi for putting me onto Diptyque candles and shit, these may be expensive, but this is my favorite home scent in the world… shit maybe top 2 scent period of my lifetime….

and don’t trip, that jumbo sized one is a few hundred bucks, but worth it….

lately I’ve had a storm going through my mind and I have so much going on that I really might take a short break from work, but maybe that will give me more time to explore the earth and also blog about it in real time…. when I really get tense, I take a drive to my old neighborhood and also to a place where my auntie lived because it brings me back to my childhood as a toddler and growing up with all my family and times were good. money wasn’t on my mind, but just having a solid crew of friends and bike was the world to me…..

I have stress, but life is good, I don’t ever worry about haters, I don’t worry about anything really except how my son is going to grow up and that our family just stays healthy.

thank you for being so patient with me and I’m feeling a little more at ease…. so maybe I can get these blogs up a lot quicker…

I never ever blog on a sunday, but this should keep you busy…
tomorrow I will post the weekend wrap and then I will be fully caught up to date with y’all!


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