good company, good pickups

July 2, 2012 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 8 comments

I couldn’t have asked for better company or better weather this weekend….
started it out right with watching Ted and that shit was funny as fuck without any leafy medicine. go watch that shit… my wife went to see Magic Mike also this weekend, but any girl in their right mind knows not to ask no man no matter what to go see that shit smh….

I almost let this shit fuck up my friday tho…

while getting a pinkberry smoothie, some dude walked in. (RE-READ THAT, A DUDE) wearing these pink crocs and his walk was so bow’ed that I don’t know what to say…. so I say let’s get into some work

we had the BET awards in town this weekend, but who really gives a fuck right? what I was hyped about was my friends and clients competing in the X-Games this weekend!

anyways, I linked up with one of my gold distributors and he had a VAULT of vintage gold chains and links and bracelets…. so fucking fly!

that OG gucci link is awesome and these chains are nearly impossible to find…. all 14k gold and I think my boy Rob Kardashian is gonna scoop up all 3 (because my boy 40 OVO already copped one!)

you know what is completely impossible to have?

now that is some shit! those are all solid and heavy and all 14k and try to find those in that size… yes I have them for sale. come with some $$$ there is NO negotiating when it comes to vintage gold.

so other than that, it was really chill….

I got to hang out with a new friend and meeting new “friends” in LA is not really common… especially at my age when I’m pretty stand offish and not giving a fuck…

Saturday started off with saying good bye to the BMW 7 series and then getting brunch at the Chateau Marmont Hotel (fucking love!)
My wife is a big fan of Rumi Neely’s and since me and her got off on the right foot, I wanted us to all hang out and chill…. they’re both health freaks and I feel crippled eating around them… they hit it off pretty much and it was the beginning to the hermit club (we all like to be sorta anti social, chilling inside doing nothing and entertaining ourselves. lol. not really but yeah)….

they both got fruit… fuck no for me

Nic also got some granola…. I can, but I don’t lol….

word to one of my favorite sofia coppola movies… “somewhere” I got the eggs benny because we’re at the Chateau!!!! shit was great….

after some convo and beautiful weather, we nonchalantly migrated further west and headed to the beach to cool off a little bit…. malibu is so obvious and so typical and those who know me, already know I’m headed to Manhattan Beach and Rumi’s never really been so… we jumped into the B and coasted down PCH

the beach was like 77 degrees and I was like life is damn good….

we got some coffee (not intelligentsia but still tho)
walked down the pier and just took advantage of that cali breeze

don’t trip, rumi is wearing 5″ heels, yes I’m still just over 6’0″

so after chillin there…. we headed back west to Santa Monica to Casa Del Mar (we got married there) and got some drinks and a little nibble. some fish and chips, calamari…. and a dungeness crab salad.

that beach front view tho

the hotel manager remembered us and threw in a round of drinks for free…. Nic can’t drink still,

but me and rumi enjoyed our patron pineapple and vodka on the rocks

I remember my sister and some other big time fashion bloggers talking about the “it” bag right now… and it’s this Proenza Schouler bag…

rumi’s already had this joint since a year ago and beat it up already… she copped the smaller swag burgundy one yesterday at one of my favorite stores in LA (OC)

after that, we dropped off rumi and hit no traffic… then headed back home.
I got like a 45 min nap in before my worldstar fam arrived in town for the BET and we all linked up and headed out to mr chows boss styles….

we were 14 deep and we ALWAYS get it IN there…. only thing is there was 1 dude who was so fucking bogus and completely fucking up the energy of the table that I wanted to leave… man I tell you LA is crazy. you can know someone for 10 + years but have a better relationship with someone you just met a week ago and have more in depth conversations with that person…. those years are only “years” sometimes….

so I finished and got dropped off to my whip and headed back home

I met up with my boy Louie Vito and the guys from Red Bull and we met at Drais unfortunately and let me just say. I have been there once when my boy Jesse and Cy owned it and ran it, but these dumbfucks, complete Orange County loser fags who run it now just have no clue about hollywood or anything. I swear I wanted to have my crew run up in there and put the fear of life in them, but I just handled my biz. that place is so weak, so wack it’s disgusting.

so I got it in with my red bull guys and I’m going to be making a new red bull piece for my boy Louie Vito… I got back home to watch my boys sheckler and nyjah compete in the finals and damn man! nyjah had it!!! he almost won, but my boy P-Rod won it and it’s all good… sheckler came in 2nd and Nyjah came in third and shit, Nyjah already won $300k in the last 6 weeks! so he can’t be mad… I just wanted him to win back to back gold medals at X-Games…. shout out to my boy Jeremy “Twitch This” for also winning….

met up with rumi again and got some juice and food at newsroom… then came back home and kicked it and fell asleep at 9:30pm!!! I woke up to some terrible, awful news…
my boy Rick Calamaro who some of you know from being Charlie Sheens best friend and assistant passed away a few days ago… he had been dead for 4 days before his maid had found him ๐Ÿ™
I shed a tear, got on the phone with some real real old school friends of mine and I’m talking cats who are near their 50’s in age….

now I have met some amazing people growin up in hollywood… stars, dj’s, promoters, etc and Rick was one of the 1st to give me my biggest gig in hollywood. I dj’d at the most famous hot spot I’d say ever in hollywood, it was the studio 54 of LA and nothing could touch it and there will never be a club like it… we had every BIG TIME celebrity there and I remember walking Kobe Bryant in there when he was 19 and chilling with Tupac there…. cats like Dan Akroyd to Eddie Murphy to Michael Jordan to Jimmy Iovine to Ted Fields to Chris Farley to Russell Simmons and Mike Tyson and Cher and I can’t even begin to list the A listers…. this was way before any social media or publicist could get you into a club…. there wasn’t a DJ in the world who didn’t want my spot and I was there for 5 + years! even when I was on tour and traveling the earth, I made sure I flew back to LA on thursday nights to do GrandVille at 7969 or some of you know it as Peanuts… now it’s called Voyeur. Rick and Josh gave me my 1st big gig and that shit led to bigger gigs and more money….
now DJ AM made big noise in hollywood, but he didn’t grow up in hollywood and AM was NO hollywood legend…. Brent Bolthouse had some of the biggest clubs in Hollywood, but he didn’t grow up in Hollywood and he def isn’t a hollywood legend… I’m not taking away from those 2 big timers and the milestones they surpassed, they’re huge and made their mark, but they’re not hollywood legends. I’m not dissing cats who did work in this town, but I’m talking about a dude who has been going hard in Hollywood since the early 80’s! he is THE ONLY PERSON ON EARTH who grew up at Pickfair. rick calamaro was raised as a child and grew up in the playboy mansion and when it was finally sort of opened to the public, he was the reason why people could go there…. what’s crazy is that still to this day, he spent every 4th of july there and that’s coming up in 2 days ๐Ÿ™ …. rick was a hollywood legend for real. fuck what the dumb ass media is saying today. they don’t make dudes like Rick anymore. period

Rick did a crazy amount of huge clubs…. he owned some ill spots and he always put me on and included me when it came to needing a DJ….. “white boy rick” RIP bro… I can’t believe it…. you went hard for many years. I know you are in a better place. damn, I miss you and will properly say good bye this weekend to you. salute! I still have so many memories….


so to lighten things up, let’s get to some weekend pick ups….

it’s about time.. I know I know, I finally got some grown man loafers… I needed something comfortable and I couldn’t just get anything. I wanted a classic look and these were it. perfect timing for my short trip for 4th of July

got a box of some gear from Joy and Angel (thank you)

the white and grey leopard print hat is from Dope couture and the black K-Skinny chinos, black super skinny cargo pants and acid washed blue k-skinny jeans are all KR3W. the belt was $5 at the swap meet… and will match with my upcoming Jugrnaut collab at the end of this month ๐Ÿ˜‰

now these joints were just released today, but you know I had my pair months ago….

thanks to my Supra fam! these are comfortable than a motherfucker!

and I needed a chill blanket for my upstairs guest bedroom…. so why not

It’s actually cooler than anything I was going to buy (besides the Hermes cashmere one lol) and I got the tiffany blue too just in case it gets too chilly upstairs which won’t be for a while….
thanks Nick and my diamondlife crew

ok, I got a bunch of shit in motion, I’m gonna tune my Bentley FS speed into a beast! and I’m headed down to San Diego to cool out for a little bit….

much love. catch y’all on the flip side.

thanks for reading this bullshit


Ben Baller reality series press release and my new car

June 28, 2012 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 19 comments

so the HNIC Ben Silverman and my production company Electus put out this press release today….
smh, this is over 3 years in the making and after being on Fuse network, then to MTV to now being on a new google channel, I’m anxious to see the final cut! we’re wrapped with season 1 and let’s see what happens….

yesterday I spent the day picking up some grown man loafers… because every so often, I will have to put down the supras and get my grown man on. and then I hit up Rodeo Drive and got up with my big sis Bag Snob(her bag collection slaps anyone elses, in fact her bag collection slaps up Nigo’s jewelry collection and she has her own bag collab with Hermes coming out) and the biggest women’s fashion blogger Rumi Neely(super powerful blogger but super crazy chill and humble)

so we all hopped in my new whip and rolled around beverly hills and did a little shopping… got something at Hermes for my wife and they got some stuff as well….
while we were sitting down, I saw Rumi tweet the night before “who is Tyler?” as in Tyler the Creator, my little homey….. so a lot of her fans let her know real quick lol… he only has 1 million followers on twitter… turned down a collab with Lana Del Rey and has already shot the 2nd season of his TV show on adult swim… oh and he won best new artist on MTV? lol… that’s who… but there’s tons of huge fashion people that I wouldn’t know that Rumi is in tune with and same goes for Tyler….
I’ve obviously known tyler for a while now from being on the block and shit… so after my time with Rumi and Tina I headed there and sure enough… I ran into this guy

I told Tyler the story and he obviously didn’t care…. but the story was that Rumi is the 2nd most searched name on formspring…. wtf is formspring? I don’t know… but Tyler is the #1 most searched… so Tyler said “n***a send her this pic” lol

then he took a pic in front of my new whip for joking purposes on instagram…..

so back to the car; yeah, I know. I have been trying to find a 4 door everyday family car and it’s been sooo hard! I mean for months I’ve been trying to find something. the panamera is doing a light refresh with the front and rear next year…. the S class has a new body coming out in just over a year and the new 7 series drops in mid august of this year… the big body range rover gets a complete makeover next year as well…. I seriously very seriously considered even getting a fisker, but the upkeep with the battery charging and shit is too much of a hassle. I needed something quick and last month I came SUPER close in picking up a 2012 Maserati quattroporte GT-S with everything possible… but even with the light refresh in 2009, I knew others might think that was an older whip and I wasn’t crazy about it overal… then I wanted the Rapide really badly until the dealership let me hold it for 24 hours and I returned in inside 4 hours… the car drives like shit. it’s crazy stupid slow and the back seats are VERY cramped… so I was bummed because I love the way it looks and sounds, but I couldn’t be sitting in traffic knowing that I can’t whip around in a nimble way….

so what did I do?

headed down to Beverly Hills Rolls Royce/Bentley and picked up a new body Bentley Flying Spur Speed…. in 2009 they changed the front and rear bumper and upgraded the interior and motor and made the “SPEED” which is just over 600hp and fast as shit! V12 twin turbo and the interior upgrades were nice, BUT if you got the mulliner edition, then you got the perforated leather headliner and I got the NAIM sound system which is nicer than like a Bang & Olufsen system… also got the rear reclining seats…. and the best is the Mulliner brushed Aluminum dash and Mulliner sick quilted seats and doors and the rest of the wood accents are wrapped in piano black wood… and the 20″ 20 spoke “speed” wheels are a nice touch ๐Ÿ˜‰ brand spanking new Pirelli P-Zero’s are nice too ๐Ÿ™‚

the new Bentley’s come with rear view camera option (of course I got that) and integrated ipod and a lotta other dope shit my 7 had and that’s all I need really. the back seats are plush and will be perfect for a baby seat. I had a 2006 flying spur the first year it came out and I loved it. did a 18 month short lease with BH Bentley and now I got the newer version and I’m very happy with it…. my credit is being rebuilt right now, so the downfall is that I had to buy this bad boy cash. but… #PAIDINFULL ๐Ÿ˜‰

btw, I got charcoal grey because they didn’t have a black on black with the mulliner edition, also my last 4 cars were white and I couldn’t do white again. I took it to platinum motorsport yesterday too, but I don’t want to do any major tuning to this… it has the 20″ wheels and I think I’m just going to take off the front license plate and change those front amber side reflectors and some minor paint accents… but not going to slam it and put wheels (well just yet lol)

yesterday as soon as I started the car….
tank was full of gas and….

pumping dipset! ha!

as soon as I finished signing papers on the whip, I left the dealership and went straight to Short Bus studios to do my voice overs and some ad-libs and intros for my show and a mixtape I’m working on… the Stereotypes are doing the music for my show so I can’t wait to hear the beats!

and I ran into another old friend Christina Milian there…. we chatted up about life and things and love and my new baby coming and her 2 year old daughter…..

that’s all this week in the boring life of Mr. Baller

got work to do, so let me get to that….

“I was down forty, now I’m up fifty, buck fifty, buck quickly, who could fuck with me?” #killa

everyone have a blessed day


national anthem

June 27, 2012 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 4 comments

my thoughts?
the video LOOKS dope as fuck, but for some reason, something seems always a tiny bit off with Lana Del Rey. I can’t pinpoint what it is. Just always something off. to everyone else’s 100, its like an 88 with her. I don’t know why