Love and Lemonade… Maternity Pics

July 30, 2012 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 14 comments

first and foremost, thank you Nina for taking these wonderful pictures!
I want to share some of these photos with you guys, but the rest will be for us and our family & friends…. my wife is now 9 months pregnant and we’re about 3-4 weeks til little London is due!

we had a photoshoot next to our house with Nina of Love and Lemonade and here they are:

Nina specializes in Wedding and Couples photography…. check out her site and try to book her if you can. she just remodeled her site too

thanks again Nina

Love you Nicolette

p.s. I will get a weekend wrap up sometime today or tonight up


Palm Springs… and Morongo

July 27, 2012 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 10 comments

so we hit up Palm Springs randomly once a year and it’s usually it’s the viceroy or the Parker, but I do NOT fux with Coachella. no way, no how….

anyways, from late May to late August, or even til September, the palm springs strip is just completely dead. ghost town like in the movies… I guess because it’s so hot and because the season is just real dry. but the Viceroy will still hit you for $2,000 a night for a private villa that isn’t even all that swag… so after a night of chillin in the dead desert… we decided to take my cousin’s advice and head more southwest and head to Morongo Casino and Resort…. our pool at the Viceroy is really just whatever… it was so hot I wanted to die and the restaurant there is good. not great…. so we said fuck it and booked a suite over at Morongo.

I have seen the commercials and everyone in so cal has seen those commercials and I said this has to be the most middle class, regular ass place ever! I’ve never even entered an indian reservation casino in my entire life, so I had very low expectations. but we checked into valet and I was like HOLD up, this shit is just like a 3 star vegas hotel…. (we can’t fly anywhere, because nic is 9 months pregnant and no airline will allow her to fly, even to vegas… so a 75 minute drive to Morongo is cool and better than what were just at in PS…. so we check in. We go up our elevator that has private access to “suites” and when we walk in, I laugh my ass off… shit is not half bad at all! like for real though. the room was very decent and it was only $250!!!!!

we had the ill view of some rocks and windmills… and the 10 freeway. but we did have 2 flat screens, 2 separate rooms…. 2 bathrooms. basic suite shit. bed was good

so we get right to the pool area and it’s free if you’re staying there and the cabanas are only like $150!!!! lol… the pool is right on right on and the food is okay, basic as fuck, but it will do… they have a bar and shit… we chill out and catch rays for a long ass time…

they also have a lazy river and that was fun for about 45 minutes… then my old ass got back with the old folks and just laid in the cut….

they had a swag little food court with nathans hot dogs, fatburger, a pizza place, hagaan daaz ice cream and a panda express…

I got myself a spicy link from Nathans because they don’t have nathans in LA…

the buffet is suspect. shit is probably about as good as hometown buffet for real….
but the 24 cafe is all good…

now this was the highlight of the trip…. lol you know Filipinos and Koreans def come here a LOT! for them to have spam on the menu? man

for dinner we tried Cielo which is on the very top of the hotel with a crazy view of absolutely nothing…. and the food was pretty damn good! they had dom perginon for $200! veuve yellow label for $80!!! wtf? lol.

the decor was alright. like I would fuck around and throw a party here just for goofs. I don’t know why but it was real low key cool…

the food was priced with the best of them, average $25 to $50 per entree

I don’t give a fuck, for what it is and for something quick and fun. this might be my spot. they’re kid friendly and their casino is not bad. they don’t have real roulette, only the virtual one and the craps is super suss. they flip a card instead of using dice… but the poker is all good and the blackjack is legit vegas 21…. they have $5 tables and that’s a no no… the high stakes area has blackjack tables that start at $25 lol… but nobody was really in there, so you don’t wanna gamble vs the dealer only. fuck around and catch a bad shoe and lose $5,000 in 4 minutes… but I lost like $100… who cares… the slots are all good and there are many of them…. also the cabazon premium outlets were next door, but it was so hot, we couldn’t even really shop… also that shit is only good for getting high end kids clothes; you rarely see a deal there, unless you wear an XL or XXL, they don’t ever have anything decent in my size there or anything I would actually want anyways…

oh well….. we had a pretty good 2 day baby moon.

came home to an email that says we had 340 real legit emails ๐Ÿ˜

back on the grind. let me get this paper and hopefully I have a weekend worth blogging about.
meanwhile…. this is that shit right herrrre

that’s only 430 Olympics opening ceremony tickets lol


we did make some roman numeral rings for a girl who wanted her mothers birthdate on the front in deep laser….

and I got a vintage piece of jewelry when I came back….

haha, this shit is fly! if it were smaller, I’d rock it more often

so, I’m not doing palm springs unless it’s from Sept to Oct or March to April…. unless I do get my golf game on proper… then its on. but I did see some ritzy shit on El Paseo that I wanna check out next time. I love hurting old rich folks feelings

one love


Liquid Gifts…

July 26, 2012 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 4 comments

came back from a quick 2 day babymoon… and there was all types of liquor waiting for me!

first off…. damn.
remember Damon Dash and Jay Z’s vodka company Armadale? well they’re poppin off again and the alchohol is actually really good. taste wise I fuck with it all the way

they sent over 6 magnum sized bottles and a visa gift card

thank you for the liqs… It’ll come in handy

next up
you know I’m part of the Hennessy x Moet fam, so they just finished another sick collaboration with an artist and this time it’s graffiti street art legend, Futura!

that’s actually his real autograph using a real paint marker!

200,000 bottles made and I got #18 so you know they were thinking about me early ๐Ÿ˜‰

they also came with a pair of Futura’s favorite shoes… some chucks. and Futura hand painted every single pair that was given out. now not all bottles made have his autograph and not everyone got kicks…

thanks to Hennessy and to the Legend Futura

got my yack and my vodka… preparing for London’s arrival!