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well before I left I had to grab some gear from my sponsors….
stopped by Supreme on my way out of Diamond…
wanted to use my panoramic feature inside the store…

then hit up Factory 413 while they were closed,

but Angel and Muska opened up for me
this is the back area where the LA offices are and the studio
(btw, you gotta click on these pics to see them blown up big and wide)

and then after I grabbed all that ill new skinny shit, I headed over to LAX to catch the red eye

and you already know

Electus knows I don’t know… they took care of me

landed in NYC hours later, I was so damn tired, I slept 90% of the trip… Virgin first class food is always good though. got picked up by a driver and the weather wasn’t bad…. on the way to the baggage claim area, I got stopped 4 times to take pics with random fans. weird man. even someone at TSA wanted a pic

A decent view from my hotel suite too…. πŸ˜‰

a decent snack too πŸ˜‰
anything with Nutella on it is money for me!

I only stayed there a night because I found out all of my press was downtown for the next 2 days and I wasn’t about to rape the budget with UBER car rides… so the next day I switched up to the Dream hotel Downtown. thought I’d see my friend Lindsay there lol

such a different feel than the Mandarin Oriental

selfie. fuck it…. I was on 100 pretty much the whole time

had my first day of press on the phone and all over town….
my boy Will from the Source magazine came over to drop off a few copies of the Power 30 issue of the Source which is the most viewed and copped issue

and they had a 2 page feature of yours truly up in there!

then caught up with my boy 13th witness who took me and my manager Bo over to Cipriani’s in Soho to grab a bite…

thats the legendary 13th witness… who’s father is Futura the legendary artist

their Risotto is legendary also πŸ˜‰

them chops doe!

so after chillin around some real snooty europeans…. I figured we’d take some new publicity/press photos…

twitch in the eye…
btw, that Hoody is fire! and we have some up at the Jugrnaut site still and don’t forget Nov. 10th I’m giving away a fully iced out Micro Jesus piece with the purchase of any Jesus piece hoody or 2 tees and these first set of hoodies are good for the raffle too. so go there now…

13th witness, got his range rover done up by my family, Platinum Motorsport and then shipped his car back to the rotten apple… we were in his shit mashing through Manhattan…
if you look closely, you can see my gay ass manager Bo in the pic and if you look even a bit closer, you can see that big stack in my pocket of my super skinny chinos πŸ™‚

well pushing through the ugly weather… I met up with a cat who follows me on instagram and his name is D… D works as a construction worker for the ONE57 building. do you remember when I posted that pic of the 98 million dollar condo in new york city?

not only is it the most expensive property sold in NYC, but it’s also in the tallest residential building in the east coast if not the world… you can see yankees stadium, the meadowlands and every damn bridge in the city!!!!!

well, he laced me up with a little tour. I appreciate it my G
here’s a few pics of the INSANE FUCKING VIEW EVEN ON A SHITTY DAY!!!!

here you can see the Empire State and the new One World Trade Center

and remember that view from my hotel suite?

how about a 90th floor view of my hotel! smh

man… people who are worth 2 billion dollars can’t even really afford to live here. the owner is a middle eastern dude

here’s what the building looks like from 56th st.

so fuck it, I shot back to the Hotel… met up with a very old friend of mine China Chow who moved out to NYC and had a very organic japanese dinner at this place called Souen and it was pretty damn good…. we had to catch up on so much. from London to her Vogue shoots and her show and my show and our families etc… that was like one of my best friends in life for the longest…. and one of the reasons why I ate at Mr Chows so much was because um…. that’s her dad. haha

went back to my hotel in that trife weather and btw, I’m walking a lot which I hate to do and since the restaurant was sort of in the West Village, I just walked back over to my hotel which was in the meat packing district…. stopped by the bodega to grab all the shit that is bad for me as I knew in the morning I had A HUGE PRESS DAY.

the penthouse of my hotel had a very decent nightclub/bar which was actually a poppin spot. it’s where Lindsay Lohan was partying just a couple weeks ago when that douche said she ran him over smh…. I ran into some people I knew actually… but I was more into the view outside. now it was the ONE57 view, but I could still see the empire state!

my boy Nelson came thru to the hotel to watch Sons of Anarchy with me and then It was time for me to sleep… so I crashed and woke up early to get ready for a big day of press and what better way to start it out than on the biggest hip-hop radio show on the earth… The Breakfast Club

shout out to DJ Envy, Charlamane and Angela for having me on there…
if you didn’t catch the interview, you can watch it here:

as soon as I left, my episode with Q debuted and the internet was buzzing… my twitter was going fucking nuts! and now that video is over 287k views and climbing and now surpassed episode 1…. it’s got over 100k on worldstar and a lot on 3 other major sites who uploaded it to their own servers.. by the afternoon the Q episode went viral.

after the Breakfast club, we headed up to Complex mag for a few features…
caught up with an old #NT og … my man RUSS! who used to be the editor over at SLAM magazine and also caught up with Joe LaPuma and my girl Sooyoung

after that, headed up to Vibe magazine for another immediate interview
caught up with my man Datwon who is a triple OG in the hip hop press game. we did a magazine interview and a web interview and just talked a lot of shit! that’s what I’m best at no?
much love to the whole Vibe mag crew…

stopped for a quick lunch

you already know.

stepped into a McDonalds to get a orange Hi-C and do this phone interview with GlobalGrind.com and another fan stopped me to say what up and tell me that his son was born on the same day as London was born. so fresh! blessings to dude and his son

after that, headed over to XXL magazine for an exclusive interview with a korean cat named Jaeki who was really cool and made me feel very thankful to have known he’s been following my career for a while now.

after that, I had one more interview with HipHopWired.com and I was exhausted for real…. what a fucking long day, but we got it in….

much love to everyone over at HipHopWired.com

caught an uber over to my hotel and passed out for a while…. woke up to a call from Q which is funny since our episode premiered earlier that day and he didn’t even tell me that he was coming to NY. so I jumped in a cab and headed uptown to see my Worldstar fam….

always the same shit, just a different city with my WSHH crew

Q with 4 big security guards deep!!! lol. they all went to a club after and I headed back to my room to get some rest again, had another day of press coming up and I wasn’t feeling like being out when my wife was at home and I was missing the hell out of my son πŸ™

got back to my hotel and talked to my wife and heard my son crying in the background… knew he missed his daddy!

woke up to another crazed day. this time I got some sleep. I slept in fact for 8 hours! shitttttt… got my shit and packed up because I was leaving. not staying til friday, fuck that, I wanted to get home to my family

my boy 13th witness picked me up and drove me up to times square for a few more press photos…

I fucking hate pictures of myself, but once in every few years I take a couple I like and this one of one of my favorites….

we headed down to 47th street aka the Diamond District and I shut traffic down for 1 minute to have a quick photoshoot

lol. a LOT of HATE for me lies on 47th

it was crazy because I didn’t all these other guys who talk shit and hate on me, but love to shake my hand and take pics…. but what surprised me is how much love Aviannes showed your boy

I also chopped it up with them for a while and then cut out to handle the rest of my last 2 interviews

13th witness dropped me off outside Sirius studios and it was on….
I was being interviewed by DJ Whoo Kid and I knew we were gonna do an ill show together

while I was waiting for about 4 minutes….

London was on Rodeo drive in his dope Gucci fit passed out with his mommy and grandma

so Whoo Kid walks out and we just get fucking into the interview!

while he starts asking me questions, I start answering them…. but then

I say fuck it and start DJing

it’s been a minute, but I showed mad love to my coast! the best side!

we talked about everything from Dr. Dre to 2pac and from my early days of hustling to my jewelry business to rappers who wear fake jewels and of course my new show.
shit was dope as fuck!

thank you Whoo Kid for real!

shook up out of there and headed to thisis50.com to interview with Young Jack Thriller and Nelson and jack thriller is a fool!!! he had me busting up! man, that was a fun ass interview too. when I walked into the offices, I didn’t know 50 cent was going to be there, so me and 50 chopped it up for a minute about Floyd and other shit….
after the interview, I met this comedian/actor Michael Blackson who is funny as fuck lol…. man.
the interview should be up today or tomorrow and I can’t wait to hear it!

shot the fuck out of there and mashed over to get a few slices in midtown….

then I shot back downtown to my hotel to grab my shit and head to JFK…

TRAFFIC TO JFK WAS THE WORST I’VE EVER SEEN! smh, shit took me 2 hours to get to the airport!!!!
thank god I left with a cushion and was flying on first!

round trip 1st class swag, not that faking jacks shit!

so I get to my plane, I board and I’m sitting next to the legend Harry Connick Jr. and after a while, he’s really to himself and quiet… he asks me, “Are you famous or something?” haha

I passed out and woke up 4 hours later to find out that WE HAVEN’T EVEN FUCKING LEFT THE RUNWAY!!! man I was so fucking pissed off! fuck, I tweeted about it and direct messaged Virgin because they’re always on point, but our AC was out and I didn’t give a fuck because the plane was already kind of cold, but we waited another hour before a new plane arrived so I got home stupid late! again, the food was good, the actual service was excellent and they gave me a $250 voucher to use… btw, I forgot to mention, shout out to Gogo inflight wifi for hooking me up with free wifi for both to NYC and back home to LA

got home and my wife was waiting for me…. got home home and my son was waiting for me πŸ™‚
I didn’t sleep for shit though lol

first day back I just chilled out all day, took care of emails, but spent time with my fam

watched this new show called “Breaking Amish” and man, shit is pretty entertaining lol… fuck man, that would be crazy if I landed on TLC

went to fill up the bentley with gas and seen Gas had hit $5.45 in certain areas….

couldn’t believe the prices… this was the cheapest in my area and I said to myself… my car gets about 6 miles per gallon, so if I want to continue this type of lifestyle…. I NEED TO HUSTLE HARDER!!! or else drive our Prius more often (btw, that car is outta here soon!)

went to the americana with my wife later and got some dinner and walked around with London and then came home and knocked out

Saturday I woke up in a spending mood and went out and upgraded my watch right quick πŸ˜‰

fuck it. why not? it’s money in the bank for me

as I was driving back home… I heard myself on shade 45 on Whoo Kid’s show(btw the biggest hip hop show on satelite radio)

other fans were tweeting about it too and my twitter again began to go nuts

it never meant much or was a big deal to be on the radio, but to be a featured planned guest and see it pop up on the screen kinda got me hyped… btw, I told Harry Connick Jr. that I wasn’t famous, not at all πŸ™‚

later on, me and Nic went to go see Taken part 2 at the Arclight and it was playing in the big DOME theater….

maybe I expected too much since Taken was such a classic… but this was eh. I could have waited but waiting isn’t me. but I give it a 6.7 out of 10 at best. it was also really short and looked low budget smh….

thank god I have the greatest in-laws ever…. they love and are obsessed with London and take care of him when we need them to. they’re very supportive and it’s awesome… they’re always over helping me and Nic

later that, night I had to run over to The Weeknd’s hotel to chop it up and drop off this custom diamond pin we made him and catch up with my XO fam

Abel was in a really good mood… in fact his whole crew was all smiles and positive energy. so dope to see that. shout out to my man CASH who is a fucking G! and shout out to Lamar… I even posted a throwback pic of a CP records piece I made… shout out to Belly and my whole team in Toronto!

I also made Abel some black diamond studs to rock and when he got them, he was so super thankful and appreciative and showed stupid love!
but check out this SICK diamond and gold XO pin we made him….

we started to get to drinking so I cut out… I had 1 drink, I knew after 1, I’d want 4 and then 4 turns into 10 and then that turns into let me get a room or a car service back home so fuck that. oh not to mention a headache in the morning…. so I shook

the next day, we handled more family shit….
and later that day, my mother in law watched London so I could take Nic to see the Weeknd perform at the legendary Hollywood Bowl and also see one of her favorite bands Florence and the Machine….


on our way…

btw, shout out to Andy and Judy over at the Hollywood Bowl parking lot for taking care of us big time! they showed crazy love….

now, in my entire lifetime, I’ve only been to the Hollywood bowl 3 times, once for the playboy jazz festival almost 16 years ago and then to see Sade and Jay-Z…. Jay-Z is the only rapper to ever perform there and most likely will be the last. I can’t believe it actually. Black Eyed Peas don’t count… but outside the legends in jazz like Miles Davis or Donald Byrd, Roy Ayers etc…. in the 80’s to now I’d say maybe 3, MAYBE 4 black artists have performed at the Hollywood Bowl, so damn man, I told Abel that and he was fucking amped to do his thing. it’s definitely an honor for sure….

walk in the VIP entrance and immediately run into the homey Juicy J

look out for that jewelry collab soon

stopped off at the little gift shop/cafe they have and MAN! they have everything from bottle of fine wine to rose’ to even soju! shit, they had tall cans of imported beer and sushi and mad snacks! BUT ALL EXPENSIVE AS FUCK! lol… all good. we grabbed some snacks and headed to our seats…

Echoes of Silence…. The Weeknd XO

it may have been a small looking pin, but anyone who went to the show knows he rocked it and you could see it clearly… also the earrings… it’s that official IF&CO with that XO

Abel did a 45 min set, so it was kind of short, so he just played straight hits! killed it… the audience was mostly hipsters anyways due to Florence, but it was fucking packed!

Florence made her super hipster entrance….

I knew only a few songs and even though she’s dope and her band is amazing and the sound of the bowl is awesome… when I seen her run around the stage with no shoes on and her tim burton type dress and started to do Pirouettes and twirl around was when I knew it was time for my ass to leave. lol

Nic was cool with it, we missed London anyways….

so I woke up early as fuck Monday morning and said, I hate Mondays, I’m back at work today 100% and so I need to change something up to make this day great!
I had to do a bunch of deliveries… and had a meeting with the infamous Kid Retro who copped 3 VVS micro jesus pieces and a VVS micro cross…. then had to ship a few things…. and since the bank was closed, nobody was getting paid from me lol….

but I made some calls, made some connects and decided to head on over to Beverly Hills Rolls Royce and after about 30 minutes…
I left there in this

a brand new 2012 Rolls Royce Ghost… all black on black on black with all the options and the panoramic roof. shit is just amazing… I don’t even miss my FS speed at all.
this shit is just boss life period!

I don’t know if I’m going to go crazy on this car, but as is, it just makes such a crazy statement. and what I love is that they changed up the key this time and it’s fucking nice!

its about the size of a Motorola V phone and it’s heavy… made of some sort of Onyx and Crystal and has that RR bird in the front πŸ˜‰ and the RR logo on the back. shit is so sick! they only give you one key though… the spare is a sick key too, but looks like the new BMW 7 series key (but it’s all black which is kinda cool)

THANK YOU JON OVER AT BEVERLY HILLS ROLLS ROYCE FOR THE SICK DEAL!!!!! I’m still amazed. much love to Rolls Royce North America

I cruised around the city from Beverly Hills to Melrose to South Central and through K-Town….
I got the car with 9 miles on it. I think it has 35 now haha…. ROAD TRIP TIME!

but you know what?

nothing beats that….

ok y’all.
that took 3 hours to write and edit… sheesh!!!

I got a big meeting with Oprah today, wonder how I even got on her teams radar….

crazy shit man

all the funny hater comments I see on blog and shit, you guys are wasting your time for real. get motivated, because when you hate on me, I just do shit like cop stupid $330,000 cars and do things that make you angrier. do something else though…. my name is BEN BALLER, not Ben Humble. it’s my lifestyle, you chose to tune in. I have never ever been motivated by a super humble person in my lifetime… even Bruce Lee who many say was a humble man, told people he was going to whip the ever loving shit out of them before he put hands on them…. AMEN




  • JorgeOctober 9, 2012 11:27 am

    Good looks on the read while at work, just watched the breakfast club interview this morning, love the fact u be keepin it 100 all the time, them stories were classic

  • Debonair73October 9, 2012 11:58 am


    I’m not hating but 180,000 views in 12 hours on Q’s episode and you got all of 5 comments added on that video in 3 days. I’m calling bullshit. I know your Breakfast Club interview posted Monday and it was a great interview. So I was checking your video all day and it was adding at a good pace. At 3:00am it was at 97,000 and I just check it and now it’s at 279,000. Breakfast Club ain’t got that type of juice. So unless some big ass site featured your video yesterday or Loud put your video on pre-roll ads. You are gaming the system.

    Anybody with experience can tell this type of gaming man, you got 231 comments on Pusha T video and 119 on Q. What kinda of sense does that make man. C’mon son!!


  • Debonair73PeasantOctober 9, 2012 12:49 pm


    And you put effort into YouTube? Yeah bruh you got it figured out… You’re lame as fuck

  • Andy KOctober 9, 2012 1:07 pm

    Appreciate the shout out, feel free to contact me anytime you come back up. Appreciate you and your wife for taking time out to talk to me and my crew the other night.

    Think people mistaken you for being humble when all you’re doing is being real. You live the lifestyle I can only one day wish to have, for the time being I’ll live vicariously through your tweets and blog. ALSO, if you got hater you’ve definitely go to be doing something right. Just saying.

  • Mike DukesOctober 9, 2012 2:42 pm

    Benny in the GHOST chasing PACMAN… Dope upgrade homie! Give me a shout when you’re doing press in Miami Beach. I got you! I share everything I can at http://www.facebook.com/MonsterMindMarketing including your clothing collab’s and weekly episodes. Keep in touch homie. 305.209.3666

  • DavidOctober 9, 2012 3:56 pm

    I like the Bruce Lee comment at the end. Lulz

  • Ben BallerOctober 9, 2012 5:19 pm

    what does gaming mean? @debonair73. fyi. over 500 comments were deleted from the Q episode. LOUD polices the channel. there would have been over 1000 comments easy. because Q disabled the comments on the worldstar link…. son who are you? I just checked this guys socialblade link and son, I don’t even fuck with youtube and you talking like you’re a pro? anyways we deleted about 100 comments on the Pusha T episode as well.

    as for juice? the biggest radio show right now with MILLIONS of listeners. then SHADE 45’s biggest show and countless digital press and being on local radio here. that’s nothing. I had 300k views in a few hours with one of my vids with zero promotion. I’ve had over a few thousand retweets or mentions off that alone. if there was any funny business, youtube would have shut down our video. they banned Worldstar from sending us traffic, even banned the banner we had up on their site. again. YOUTUBE blocked the domain Worldstarhiphop.com from linking anything. they were directing a lot of traffic to our video.

    I told you there would have been over 100,000 before the weekend because of Shade 45 and other things. I knew it had to be low… but 327,000 now is crazy. but we do have ads, but no games. my G. I have close to 10 folks with over 20 million followers total tweet each week and tons of folks jumped in mad late. all over the weekend. sunday was our biggest day so far.

    btw, I checked your youtube channel too. son I have triple the total views you have and I only have like 50 videos max. wtf? I don’t even check my shit, haven’t been active in months and when I am, I barely go on there.

  • JorgeOctober 9, 2012 6:12 pm

    why even bother with this fool ben, got the audacity to come on here calling u a lame, but the dude is the one pretty much tracking ya every move, lmao said he was tracking ur videos at 3 am just to come back on here and try n shit on u? debonair homie, pick urself up and dust urself off, u lookin extra salty

  • Jay-VOctober 9, 2012 7:53 pm

    BB – Are they gonna re-air the Shade 45 interview? Or do you have a link; or possibly a pod cast?

    Congrats on all the success!

  • TuTuOctober 9, 2012 7:57 pm

    man…..youre an inspiring dude, i’m hustle so much harder now, and when i get up there i’m shout you out

  • Debonair73October 10, 2012 12:09 am


    My Youtube channel is a hobby channel that I did mostly in 2007-2009 showcasing Youtube singers. It’s how I got into Youtube. Those artists I feature back then early on got like half a billion views now between them all. It’s kinda like you know all these music industry people cause you worked in the industry. I know all these musician Youtubers because I was promoting them when they were all small and giving them advice on how to make money off their channels. I know the game and all the tricks.

    What I mean by “gaming” is your views at least on Episode 2 are not real. They are computer generated and it’s easy to do man and your engagement numbers will show it in your Analytics. You might not have did it but somebody did it. You got companies all over they web that do it for a small fee. If Youtube blocked WSHH that kinda proves my point man. They would only block them if they were doing something shady.

    So let me get this straight. People on K-Town videos saying the craziest and most racist shit about the cast in those comments and ain’t nobody deleting shit but they are going to censor your videos comments, you are going to delete over 100 of them even when you can just set the comments to “approve comments” on your video. It’s not just your comments. The likes/dislikes on your video hadn’t hardly change either. Q episode had like 97,000 views by Tuesday 2:00am. So it went from 97,000 to 330,000 on Tuesday , over 230,000 views today. A day that you so happen to be meeting with Oprah’s network. LOL!!! C’mon son!!!

    So if you don’t understand what I’m talking about I’ll break it down. You don’t get 230,000 views in a day and only 12 comments in that same period if your numbers are real. You don’t get 230,000 views in a day and have 286 likes on your video when you have 210 likes the day before if your numbers are real. I’ll say out of the 330,000 views you got about 140K of those are real which explain your retweets and the Breakfast Club interview post. As far as Shade 45, most people listen in their car not like they going to click over to your video right then even on their phone. Like you said the last time we talked on this blog, 140K wouldn’t be good enough for TV. You said you couldn’t afford to have a drop off when you are talking to a network. So your team did what they had to do.

    That’s all I’m saying. It is press tracking and ranking these premium channels. They are going to ask how Loud got this big ass spike this week. When they look at your video the numbers are not going to add up. Ain’t shit going to happen because of it mostly likely. People are just going to think your show’s numbers are suspect the way Youtube already does if they blocked WSHH traffic to your video but didn’t do it to all the other Youtubers’ videos that are on WSHH.

    It’s all good though. I just wondering why you “game” your numbers when you don’t have too. Anyway, keep doing you Ben.



  • HeksOctober 10, 2012 12:14 am

    Yo Ben you get the EW ghost ? Extended Wheel base so your wife and son got that leg room in the back lol!

  • Ben BallerOctober 10, 2012 1:01 am

    yeah, so called coincidences or 1 in a million chances happen to me G.
    nobody at our channel did that, nor did I.
    current analytics show 97,188 views from no links, which could mean mobile phones. I’ve maybe watched it 2 times on a computer, but I hate watching myself. I’ve watched it or played it on my iphone and ipad about 40 times though.

    as for the comments, jesus christ kid, you stil don’t get it, you are looking at it in a defensive way or in a way to try to prove me wrong. I will bet you $5,000 cash (easy to pay) on any of the above. LOUD deleted the comments because they were derogatory against Q. I don’t give a shit. means nothing to me. and youtube blocked WSHH because they direct linked the views from their player. for the record they have NEVER done that for anyone in the history of their site. over 100,000 views came from worldstar alone. I had a banner on there too direct linking to each weeks vids and they blocked that. because worldstar doesn’t do the autoplay embed feature, their embed code doesn’t work and won’t count as “views” or clicks on the actual youtube video. as soon as they did that for ME, it took about 12 hours til they blocked the site….. we met with the heads of youtube and they would have deleted any video we put up if there was monkey business. youtube hates worldstar and so that’s that.
    there was a huge spike in the pusha episode as well. as for sirius. I would say 85% or more of the time I played the video on my phone was while I was driving.

    let’s break this down. alexa isnt the greatest, but I still get over 18,000 unique visits each day on my site but I get maybe 6 comments at most on my blog entries. sometimes more. that’s over 2 million views a month and about 30 comments or so. does that make sense?

    yeah, I don’t know why LOUD doesn’t delete the ktown comments, I think they like that shit. personally I don’t give a fuck what anyone says about me, I only really reply to folks here on my blog. but bro. I don’t got time to go back and forth. I think my numbers are depressingly low. real shit. explain how ktown went from 28,000 views on their debut to almost a million now? spike or no spike? it jumped crazy at times. but still 4,000 dislikes is pretty bad vs. 3,000 likes. also my viewer attention span is crazy. 75% watch the video all the way through. you can’t compare my show to theirs period. you can’t compare how the channel treats my show to theirs. it’s like comparing American idol to family feud. I just came back from a big press tour with 5 star treatment. you think any of those ktown cats have traveled even to OC on the channels bill?

    this is my life on a regular. why does Ben have so many followers. it doesn’t add up? there’s people with 8,000 twitter followers and 250,000 instagram followers and then there’s people with 250,000 twitter followers but only 3,000 instagram followers (that’s when you know shit is fake) and you can see my following all around is genuine. that’s all… if you knew all the tricks, how come you didn’t get more clicks? if you’re popular on youtube and all over, it usually shows across the board. nobody makes money coaching folks who aren’t successful in that same field G. I hate coaches who never played the game or cats who try to tell me how to run my business or something I do and aren’t even in the game period. they watching in the stands and aren’t even on the bench. I’m saying you are completely wrong. why reply? because we’ve already discussed it. there was no marketing behind the 2nd episode or 1st episode except for what I did myself with my friends. we only went hard on the marketing on saturday morning. I still think those #’s are low though. I honestly expected 500k on the first episode by now. I’m still ahead of any show on the channels history and my track so far is ahead by over double/triple without the fagget “so big it doesn’t fit etc etc.” son nobody wants to be led to water and end up in the desert instead of a lake G.

    the crazy part is the celebs aren’t whats driving people to my show like I thought it would. it’s my character that is driving them there.

  • Ben BallerOctober 10, 2012 1:02 am

    @heks, naw just the regular body. you can still be 6’6″ and sit back there. its longer than the 7 series back, but a little shorter than the 7 series Li edition. the EWB is really long and totally unnecessary since this is my everyday driver now.

  • Judy limOctober 10, 2012 1:08 am

    Aww man thanx for the shout out again! Much appreciated! Defintely agree with my friend Andy! Quite the inspiration and respect for hardwork! Haters gone hate! I saw this on someone’s liscense plates at a casino “RUNVUS” that would’ve been dope if you could’ve gotten that lol let them be envious instead like you said be motivated! People these days are lazy as hell and all talk! Thank you again! Living thru your blogs! It’s awesome you take the time out to spend 3 hrs on it! That’s hella legit!

  • Ben BallerOctober 10, 2012 1:10 am

    @jorge because sometimes as much as someone knows. you gotta show them. even if it’s one by one. I didn’t become a millionaire by being a dumbfuck. my life has been 1 in a billion chances especially in my industry.

    @jay V I don’t know. I want to see or hear it in it’s entirety too

    @tutu thanks bro

    ANDY, thanks bro. for real. I doubt we’ll be back anytime soon, but I really appreciate it

  • JayOctober 10, 2012 2:08 am

    Sup Ben!

    I respected your hustle since the day I heard of you, and have been following your career for a bit. I also know your cousin, James Her from back in the day. Congratulations on the show, and your baby boy! I’m a new father too, and my kid’s 3 months, and shit’s a good tripppp. Just wanted to say keep doing what you doing, and maybe I’ll be able to join you at the top; especially because my father-in law sells jewlery too (in ktown). He’s been in the industry for a while, and used to shell out pieces for michael jackson, sammy davis and the likes. He’s old school now, and just sells from the store, but I guess what I’m trying to get at, is some modern day advice? Thanks for your time baller.


  • JorgeOctober 10, 2012 6:36 am

    No doubt ben, its dope u even take the time to address ur fans and haters alike on ur blog, fuck being humble, keep stuntin on em…it truely is ur character thats attracting the fanbase to the vids, u seem like one cool as dude who jus be keepin it 100, the soft take that as a flaw cuz u hurtin they feelings and try to call u out on some dumb shit, i find you just bein genuine, which alot of ppl lack these days…i just stumbled across the blog a few months ago, read thru the whole shit on my down time, and i cant tell u how many gems u be droppin on em…ive taken some and ran with them, and appreciate it homie…uve gained a new fan/admirer right here, and it wasnt cuz of the jewels u be showcasing, or the stuntin i wanna emulate lol thats fly and all but material and easily attainable with some money……uve gained a fan because of the knowledge and wisdom u have been so generous to share, and u truely could not put a price on that…thanks again my dude, did not expect a response, so dont mind me rantin, ima try n fucks with if&co this xmas and go from reader to customer, until than keep grindin and good luck in this 1 in a million chance world, u seem to be doin alright so far….

  • BugzOctober 10, 2012 6:48 am

    Yo Ben how can i hear your interview w/ Whoooooo Kiiiiiiiid online?

  • BernieOctober 10, 2012 8:03 am

    Glad you had a productive trip in NY (my hometown). Also loved the spur-of-the-moment purchase. Let us know if you do anything to the Ghost….

  • BernieOctober 10, 2012 8:05 am

    P.S. Also love the last photo of the post. Priceless….

  • L-WAYOctober 10, 2012 9:37 am

    Ben…u got rid of the Bentley ?

  • Debonair73October 10, 2012 10:53 am


    I don’t have time to go back and forward with this either. This is all I will say Ben. You go to K-Town Episode 3. It has 303,000 views on it and you look at the number of comments and likes/dislikes. Your video stats should be looking like that man. They got 1800 likes/dislikes and 1800 comments. Your shit is no where near that shit. People comment and like/dislike on their mobile phones all the time. Hell like 30% of the traffic to Youtube is on mobile now. Even if your comments were low, your likes /dislikes will be high man.

    You said yourself half your promotion drove people directly to Loud and your Youtube video and you got these low ass comments and likes/dislikes numbers. You can ask anybody that do this Youtube shit that’s a signed that people views aren’t real.

    Even if you take the 100K views from WSHH you still got another 240,000 views. So your comments likes/dislikes should still be at the minimum in the 700-800 range on your video.

    This will be the last time I will comment on this Ben. If you say your numbers are real, then that’s cool. This is the type shit everybody else is going to be looking at man including Youtube. They are going to be checking the engagement numbers on your videos. They are going to be looking at your watch times (how long are people looking at your video). If your shit is way off, they are going think you are cheating regardless of your views.



  • JorgeOctober 10, 2012 11:36 am

    Point being is i been reading this blog for a few months now, jus decided to drop a comment a few weeks ago, some ppl dont care to comment or click on a like/dislike….especially the more mature crowd like me that realizes most comment sections are a zoo to begin with, with all the racist and deragatory shit thats said, someone like me wants no part in that…i go to bens videos, watch em because they interest me, and i wanna show my support….by me simply viewing, i believe that i have done my part in support, especially when watching multiple times a day…..if i have a question, or wanted to priase ben, i do it here at ifandco.com…and ben has brought a good point up….180000 unique visits a day. and about only 30 comments a day….so that translating over to his youtube channel isnt too far fetched

  • Banned From TVOctober 10, 2012 12:48 pm

    Tough interview with Breakfast Club. But I don’t think Breakfast Club has more listeners than Hot97 Morning Show.

    Much respect on how you controlled the interview; when Angela cut you off a couple of times, you remained poised and didn’t give in to her halfass comments. And when Charlamagne said something about Michael Jackson, you gave him this look and said “easy”. It was like slapping a barking dog.


  • OnSmashOctober 10, 2012 1:37 pm

    Yo Ben this was a dope update. Can u explain why you dislike Gabe from Rafaello&Co and David Bling from Tuxor? I’m sure you know that Gabe is fam with Aviannes. I’m just curious why you think you are so hated on 47th Street.

  • Rafaello&Co.October 10, 2012 3:52 pm

    Mr. Ben Baller, Its very easy to talk faul uppan the people that you fear. if you have a personal issue with Gabriel the Jeweler of Rafaello&Co. then you can come visit Gabriel and the Rafaello team at 22 west 47th street, sunday-friday 10am-6pm. Rafaello&Co has respect for all the real jewelers that built their businesses from ground up and not take over one of their families shops. Our clients and Jewelery speaks for itself and the real fans and clients know who’s the best not only on 47th street or in New York but in all of the United States Of America. Dare to be different my friend.-Rafaello&Co.

  • Glenn WolseyOctober 10, 2012 4:18 pm

    Forget all the hate Ben, I’m sure the comments above don’t bug you one bit anyway. Love the quote “I’m Ben Baller, not Ben Humble.” I love to see you stunt and show off the things you’ve worked your ass off for – it keeps me inspired.

  • Ben BallerOctober 10, 2012 7:58 pm

    OnSmash, I have no beef with Gabriel or David Bling… Gabrielle loves to talk crazy bout me to my top clients like Q and hand cuff him, offer him free jewelry, hoe type shit… in fact I was inside Aviannes chillin with all the fam, they had nothing good to say about their cousin Gabrielle. period point blank. I’m talking about my customers telling me first hand how these cats hound them. I got love for Aviannes. David Bling hasn’t said anything bad about me, it’s all friendly competition. Gabe? ground up? son your fam been in it from the jump. I came in with no jewelry knowledge and took over by myself. fuck outta here bro. btw, I stopped by all 4 major stores on 47th last week. it’s nothing.

    dare to be different? lol
    your clients? son you made jewels for barack obama? michael jackson and tom cruise? have meetings with Oprah? naw didn’t think so G


  • Ben BallerOctober 10, 2012 8:16 pm

    again, 18,000 views a day Debonair here on my blog, very few comments. thats 2 million clicks/visits a month.

    back to youtube. the pusha t episode got 75,000 views first day and kept catching speed. only has 260 comments with 760 likes or what not. has over 225,000 views.

    this new rob kardashian video will be the highest one day or overnight views to date, beating my pusha t episode which was the highest in the channels history over ktowns. I don’t get where the math is wrong to you?

    I think I’ll break 100,000 in 24 hours which is 4 times what any other show has done on LOUD.
    NOW, the heads of YouTube have analyzed our shit. IN FACT! they unblocked worldstar and our on our side. they said there are great spikes in our traffic and nothing looks funny. so that’s the heads over at YT? now what bro?

    as far as watch times, over 75% are watching the entire videos entirely through where as the other show I don’t like, they’re getting way less than 1/2 that % wise as in engagement.

  • William ParkOctober 11, 2012 1:16 pm

    It’s amazing how people tune in only to write some dumb comments. It’s only because they don’t have what you got blessed with. They’re doing some 9-5 and hating life while you’re grinding and as your name suggests baaallliinnn. Not to say you represent Korea but I’m korean and it’s pretty dope what you’re doing. Love the blog though. Best wishes bro!

  • DavidOctober 11, 2012 2:19 pm


    I’m not going to lie. I just started coming here recently because I think you live a fun life and it’s cool to check out. But what you said in that last paragraph (“I have never ever been motivated by a super humble person in my lifetime…”) was an epiphany for me.

    All my life I’ve tried to excel and be the best and expect others to notice. Right now, I’ve got a sports app (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/recapp-sports-news-app/id508110348?mt=8) that I feel is one of the cleanest designed and best performing apps in the App Store period. But when I tell people about it, I try to talk about it objectively and wait for them to see for themselves why it’s special.

    But what I’ve realized from briefly reading your blog and watching the 3 videos is that if you want to be somebody, you gotta act like you’re somebody. If you want to be noticed in this world, you have to demand people’s attention.

    Steve Jobs wasn’t humble. Richard Branson isn’t humble. These dudes act like they’re the shit and they back it up.

    It’s important to be humble in the sense that you don’t act like you know everything. But what I’ve realized is that being humble doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk up your product or services.

    If you can back it up, you need to carry yourself with an attitude that not only are you the shit, so is your product and you shouldn’t be afraid to let the world know.

    My takeaway is that you can’t undersell yourself if you want to stand out in this world. So thank you for changing my perspective today.


  • Ben BallerOctober 11, 2012 5:23 pm

    I’m going to check out that app now.

    take care and you’re welcome!

  • Debonair73October 11, 2012 6:21 pm


    What you said about Pusha T’s episode prove my point about Q’s episode. Q’s episode has 140,000 more views than Pusha T’s and only has 432 total likes/dislikes on Youtube.

    If you look at what I said in these posts, I said how did you get 230,000 views on Tuesday on Q’s episode but only 12 new comments doing that time and a total of 80 new likes/dislikes. Pusha T and Rob K episodes proves the point man that those numbers are way low if all the views were real.

    If you say it’s all real then cool. You go ask Loud where all that traffic came from on Ep 2 Tuesday and post it up here. Cause unless some big European or Asian site picked your show up or it’s just a bunch of mofos out there that was just loving them some Q and Ben Baller on Tuesdays and replaying the hell out of your video. LOL!!! I’m still calling bullshit on that episode. LOL!!

    As far as your overall views go, if you was doing it without the WSHH hook up it would be impressive. WSHH front page feature is like a Youtube front page feature. That’s guaranteed traffic. So WSHH is making your numbers not so much the show itself. That’s cool too. Loud promotes their other shows. You just spent their money better or call in a favor from Q. Sooner or later your show will have to stand on it’s own and that’s when you will see how many viewers you really have for your show. I’m not taking any shots with that statement either. That happens with any show. People check it out and they either fuck with it or they don’t and that’s going to happen even if you get WSHH to post it again. Only thing WSHH can do now is post it as the big ass video on the Top of the page. LOL!!

    Not surprised by your watch times overall, your show gets right to the point. It ain’t got a lot of fluff. I always said it was a good show. Was those watch times the same for Q’s episode? I doubt it. LOL!! BTW, that other show you don’t like episodes are like 10-12 minutes versus 6 minute for your show so their watch time would usually be lower. BTW, I used them as an example in the other post because they are on Loud too. So it’s easy for you guys to compare stats cause you share channel subscribers instead of some other show on another channel but those engagement stats should be around the same for any video with 300K+ views.

    Like I said the last time. I’m pretty much done with this man. If you post some info about your Episode 2. I’ll respond to that and that will be it. Otherwise, I done. Keep doing you, Ben.



  • Ben BallerOctober 12, 2012 1:45 am

    debonair, you just said the answer which is pretty fucking amazing to me.
    the video was featured on Weibo.com check their site out. top 30 on the planet. on earth. pretty much thee biggest site in Asia. not only that. we’re talking more users than twitter. my good friend has 39 million followers. didn’t even think of that. but yeah, I’m on there as a celeb account as well. you still don’t make sense though. and the watch times on Q’s episodes were stronger than the other 2 episodes…. why? because we had the most legit build of pieces of jewelry on there. he also spent the most money. you forget that I’m the 7th employee of 7 total employees in worldstars camp. there are only 7 of us. I can have him top video it every week if I wanted to. the show stands on it’s own 100% but the real shit is that I didn’t want to bring in my family or personal life into this. if I did that, the show would be totally 10000% character driven. every network that wanted me, wanted to film me and my wife and I have to leave that part private. so we did a celeb factor and I have clients for days. that’s easy and I can even throw in different random cats who are interesting later if need be.

    our pace is crazy. check out ALL the shows on our channel and study what the pace has been. not even in the same league. regardless.
    also whether WSHH posts on top page or 2nd or 3rd video, it’s the same hits wise. but none of those videos are embeded directly to youtube. they don’t give the hits to youtube videos as I mentioned before, they did that only for me. bro how many times are you gonna be proved wrong? i’m at 140,000 views with Rob’s video in 2 days? we’ll hit 400k by the time the show is a month or 2 old. you said it would be tough to pass pusha or get even 150k max? son, we broke our record of 102k in first 24 hours. do you know how much press is going on? the videos are going viral because I drive traffic and have a lot of help from celebs. I have a different set of celebs helping for each video.

    next week will be interesting, but I like the episode. I have nicole richie helping me, etc… week after that, I have the king of the internet period, Justin Bieber helping me push my episode with Sean Kingston…. we’ve hit way beyond my channel and networks predictions

  • Debonair73October 12, 2012 9:25 am


    Yeah, if somebody with a big following on Weibo picked up your video, that could explain your low numbers on Q episode because when non-English speaking sites embed a video, their users usually just stay on that site and talk in that language. I know that because people in South Korea use to post my showcase videos back in the day and I would get all this traffic from South Korea in my stats but no engagement on my videos.

    You could post that data though. A simple screen shot could prove all of that though cause why would they only pick up Q episode and none of the other ones. Q ain’t famous at all. You got my email cause I got a post it to post this comment. You can send it. LOL!!

    Anyway, it’s all good man. I never said your show wasn’t doing well. Q episode performance on Tuesday is/was suspect as hell based on all the stuff I said in the previous posts. I said you probably could do 140K on Q video with that promotion from that Breakfast Club interview posted on Monday cause Q episode was looking like it would barely break 100K up until Monday and that still would have beat anything Loud had on the channel even at that pace but it would have meant a drop off from the first episode which you couldn’t have man.

    As far as Rob episode goes man, you were talking about Rob getting you mad traffic on his own but WSHH got you that traffic by putting the video in the header on the site man. Ben, it’s fair for you to use all your resources and connections to promote your show but that ain’t the same thing as your show building an audience on it’s own man. You could put each episode of that other show you don’t like on WSHH and get a tons of traffic too on each episode but that’s different than people coming back to the show on their own and people subscribing to the channel to see the next episode. I’m not saying your show it’s not doing that but you don’t really know at what level because it’s like you’re kinda buying all this extra traffic each episode.

    It’s would be like Loud went and took Massholes and paid Youtube to put it on the front page every episode. Then the guys on Masshole talking shit about how they’re kicking the shit out of all the other shows on Loud. LOL!!! That’s what you are doing man. LOL!!

    What you have prove the last 3 episodes is that you have built through your connections a good distribution/marketing network to distribute/market an online show. That shit is impressive. If you could do that then after you are done with Loud and you should go and do it on your own channel cause that’s where the real money is going to be in all of this stuff. That’s what Electus is trying to build now.

    Watch this video,


    It’s’s this big media conference and they talk about all this ish. Your network is more powerful than your show. Powerful enough for you to ask Electus for some stock options in their digital division. Listen to what he says about “having” an audience and “owning” an audience.

    You can watch this video where she talks about how all this is like the beginning of cable TV at the same conference.




  • flash99October 12, 2012 1:19 pm

    Stop hatin Debonair. Who are you? The self appointed internet police? Ben has nothing to prove to you. If you want him to send you a screenshot then take up his $5,000 bet.

  • CoryOctober 12, 2012 8:12 pm

    I still cant get Ben to pay up on the fancy ass dinner he owe me for my MIAMI HEAT winning it all, guess I gotta wait till basketball season, wasnt even gonna hit him hard me and the wife at Hugh Acheson place and a nice bottle of wine.. Show needs to be longer, the hate on your page needs to be shorter but even though you welched me ( LOL homie ) I respect you dont dump most of these fools comments.

  • eMsT@k$October 26, 2012 8:09 pm

    @ Debonair73, you are truly a clown! who are you? your lucky he even responds to you! as a matter of fact you lucky I even respond to you! Ben jealousy is a mother! Ball on these fools! 1.

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