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remember the little kid who was 18 that used to be my assistant? run around town with me and film videos? drive me and Jonas around? well dude is a boss now. please believe he don’t listen to me anymore…. he got a few fancy cars now and has learned so much more than I knew when I was his age… the kid is 23 now and making moves like a professional timed chess player.

he’s collecting rolex’s and hublots now…. traveling around the world, but I think he may still be a virgin lol. jk… you gettin bitches francis?

at the end of the day as much as I want to break his neck on a regular and stab his arms with letter openers… the kid is solid and he’s copped a few things from me before, like a fully iced out G-Shock, a rosary, some small things because jewels aren’t his thing now….. he’s more into size 28 waist J Lindeberg jeans and fitted moncler jackets smh.. uniqlo tees and I’m very very proud of him…. he went from dickies and white tees to looking like a filipino aristocrat cat…..

well right before he left for his trip to Taiwan and the Philippines, he had us make him a custom made pinky ring…. he had an old ring with 9 nice sized round diamonds on top and he got it from his grandfather…. via his mom and we remixed that ring heavyweight…. it’s now 20 grams and is fully flooded out… we kept the same format for the top party, but we added all the extra diamonds and it’s now an eternity ring…. 14k yellow gold, 7.5 carats total. all VS bright white diamonds

congrats CDJ

so we got the basic regular work going on….. I’m remaking our smaller 2″ tall jesus pieces, I’m thinking of making our kanye style ones with no diamonds too, but only in the 2″ size….
speaking of kanye…. his DJ, Million Dollar Mano aka DJ MANO is a good homey of mine as well and we’re making him some nasty bottom grills….. yellow on yellow uggghhhh!

the mold came out super clean…. we don’t even make grills that often anymore, but I’m gonna murder these!
stay tuned Mano… I’ll have these done by tomorrow night!

we’re also making a rosary for a cat in Minnesota who wanted it fully custom down to the connector center piece and the cross… every 2 beads are iced out and 1 single bead not iced out

gonna be a NICE rosary

and if you live in LA, then you know the last 2 days have been almost 90 degrees outside!

thank god for that solar panel roof and 500 + miles to a tank!
but seriously, I love coming back to the car with the A/C already on and ran from that SP roof on the prius…. but it doesn’t compare to even the 1st 20 seconds of jumping into that Italia! uggghhhh

it was so hot, this was my look yesterday morning!

I keep it frigid in my crib… btw, I got 1 sock on because I wiped my prick off with the other one.

and then this was my look….

so after our pathetic loss to the shitty more inferior mavericks… I was sick. so sick I wanted to walk down and slap a few people down at staples! smh
while joking around, I sent a tweet out to my peeps khloe kardashian, jamie and malika….

and then 6 minutes later. I get this fuckery from both Malika and Khloe….

but peep Khloes tweet…. you like how she added some words to my original tweet to make it seem like I was adding extras? I was joking, they were actually mad lol smh

ridiculous… I was disgusted by the whole night right after 5 minutes left in the 4th….

walking around my store to the restroom…. I always pass this one sneaker store that used to have posters of clyde drexler and patrick ewing and even magic and bird ads that were super super ill OG shit… but I think he sold those posters to someone…. but he still got up some posters of Kobe pre Black Mamba status…. from over 11 years ago.

smfh… I remember helping out on the marketing on these shoes…. I actually was serviced with those Kobes before they hit the stores… I found a pic of me and Kurupt walking into my boy Bee Nguyen’s office right after we released Dr. Dre 2001

man… I had braids in my hair for over a year! haha

so yesterday I hit the Korean Market to get some snacks…..

I can literally eat 6 bags of these, no problem! I ate 4 in 1 sitting! #crack

and then as I was checking out… they still had this bottle

y’all remember this from my myspace?
shit, this bottle has been there for over 6 years now! a 206 year old cognac! $6,000 is cheap! that shit would be over $20,000 in a club! man I need to cop this and give it to Mayweather as a gift (he doesn’t drink) just because it would look better in his cellar

oh yeah…. I’m on instagram btw (for the 5th time I think I’m telling y’all) and I posted a subjective pic on there and I’ve gained over 650 followers in less than a month (that’s like getting 10,000 twitter followers in a month) and some haters clicked the report/snitch button and then I got this email


last night, I got invited to the preview party for Darkness II game hosted by 2K games and my family Soul Assassins studios… I went for the always good food/catering and drinks (just kidding Marco!)

the only bad part of blogging from my iphone4 now is that pictures taken in the dark aren’t so crisp…. flash woulda made this pic worse actually

but you know what doesn’t suck?


thanks victor and marco
much love….
also shout out to my big homey’s Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol
had a good chat with them last night
oh shit!
shout out to Estevan for giving me this dope ass pillow he made from one of his famous images….

I gotta rep LA always

aite y’all.
Lakers will win or else I’m fucking people up….

OH YEAH! I was planning on heading to Seattle for a work event and then hitting Street Scene, but I can’t leave this beautiful weather for some rain and bullshit food! ha!
but I think I have to be in the BAY friday night, but I’m back in LA to watch this Pacquaio fight since the Champ isn’t gonna watch the fight




  • JonMay 4, 2011 11:55 am

    what does Cat Dicc Jr. do?

  • P.A.May 4, 2011 11:56 am

    what it is Ben? a few random questions/comments: first, without trying to sound like a FED, wtf does “catdicc jr” do to get long paper like that @ 23? The Laker game has me sick to my stomach (literally) I can’t watch sportcenter or go on FB after an L becuase of all the shit people talk. How good were your seats? And lastly, I’ve been following you for about 2 years, and your past is the part with the most gaps (or that you detail the least). When you gonna drop a throwback blog with pix and shit from the roc/dre days, the nike talk, the college bball, etc? #Justaskin

  • MEMay 4, 2011 12:24 pm

    Manny Pacquiao the real champion at 147…Mayweather has fallen off the P4P rankings he should watch the slaughter on Saturday night as Pac will be the first to stop Mosley and do a better job at beating him, remember Pacquiao beat Hatton more convincingly and the win against Marquez for Mayweather did not impress me. Marquez is a natural 135 pound banger, if Mayweather came down to 135 Marquez would destroy him. Just because Mayweather is your friend does not mean hes the best, Martinez gives Mayweather and Pacquiao problems anyday.

  • MEMay 4, 2011 12:28 pm

    Mayweather ducked Margarito several times, ducked Cotto several times. He was at Ortiz / Berto with 50 and if Berto won he was going to fight Berto next. I knew all along Berto was flawed and it was a matter of time before he was exposed. Mayweather steps into the ring with Martinez, Ortiz, Maidana and the 2005 Morales / Barrera he has problems anyday. He has ducked, continued to duck and when he makes a statement he is better than ALI is disrespectful to the sport.

  • richMay 4, 2011 12:44 pm

    what did u post up on instagram that got flagged?

  • JacobMay 4, 2011 1:26 pm

    By any chance do you know who that asian lady is that sits on court side at every Lakers game? Heard she leaves in a maybach with securities. Or is that all rumors haha.

  • Ben BallerMay 4, 2011 2:30 pm

    @me, shut the fuck up clown. you sound like a manny dickrider and copy and pasted some bullshit off a semi sports forum. first off, you can’t deny money’s defense, the best in the game. he never ducked anyone ever. if the money was right, he showed up. people hate that about him, I say fuck it. manny has fought his leftovers period. for the hatton fight, money covered the bets lol. that’s some gangster shit. real talk. I think manny is a good fighter, it’s just mayweather is my favorite fighter, I’ve been watching these fights since I was 7 years old. I’m sure I’m older and seen more fights. not youtube or reruns, but all good. I got $1,000,000 cash that manny will NOT knock out shane, not gonna happen, it’s gonna be a decision and let’s see. if for some crazy reason manny loses, then we’ll never see a mayweather vs. pacquiao fight

  • Ben BallerMay 4, 2011 2:34 pm

    I’ve sat next to that lady around 20 times in lou adler (jacks seats) and one time I accidentally spit a bagel on her pants lol… I think I spoke to her once in 1996. from what I know, she’s def got money, but every time I’ve hit the valet, I’ve never seen her there and I get to use the same tunnel access. she definitely doesn’t walk out with security, jack doesn’t so why would she? she didnt during the forum days either. from what else I know, jack has never even said Hi to her before. and a maybach? that don’t mean too much these days lol. if she got picked up in a stretch 8 passenger 458 ferrari or had security take her to the roof to leave in a chopper, then I’d be like damn…. but there are tons of richer and bigger ballers who roll there like katzenberg who pulls up in a prius! yes prius and he’s a billionaire several times over

  • MEMay 4, 2011 2:56 pm

    Just because Mayweather purchases your plane ticket, pays for your hotel, pays for you to make him jewelry, doesnt make him your homie. Lets speak facts. Point blank period I know boxing. Antonio Margarito offered Mayweather 10 million in 2006 to fight him. This would have been one of Mayweathers largest paydays. Mayweather knew what time it was, he was too big for him so he cowardly ducked him. He ducked Mosley for years until he was too old to compete. Mayweather continues to bring up Pacquiaos loss to Morales, Mayweathers greatest wins were against an old ODL where he barely won, and a undersized Hatton. You dont know boxing more than me B, Pacquiao beats Mayweather and you cant deny it. Whoever says Mayweather has a better legacy or was a better boxer than Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard or Julio Cesar Chavez they need to kill themselves and dont know boxing. You can state whoever you know has connections to Pacquiao I dont give a fuck. You have a biased opinion because you have done business with Mayweather. The level of competition Pacquiao has faced kills Mayweather, it aint about money baby its about legacy. You can still be a fagg with money like little richard. Understand Kostya Tszyu lost to Hatton, but Hatton doesnt beat a prime Kostya Tszyu and when Mayweather called him out in 2005 he ducked him when he was offered the deal. KT went to fight Hatton after Mayweather declined a 12 million dollar deal, he was gonna hitt the canvas like Judah.

  • bickelMay 4, 2011 2:59 pm

    damn if she had security take her to the roof to leave in a chopper that would be some serious shit.

  • Ben BallerMay 4, 2011 3:29 pm

    fuck the hotel and plane tickets and the bills he paid of mine for the next year or 2.
    one of money’s biggest fight was his De La Hoya fight and it was the biggest fight in history payday wise and audience wise.

    I don’t know about Muhammed Ali, different times, as for Sugar Ray Leonard? or Cesar Chavez? I was never a fan of Chavez homey, he had like 25 of those fights unsanctioned in mexico Jo, cmon

    this fight he has vs. Pacman will be larger than anything we’ve ever witnessed ever. period, fuck comparison, you can’t really compare. he was the champ at 21, he’s undefeated. if those guys were on their downhill slump which is a pussy ass excuse, why did they get in the ring or why did they offer the challenge? remember PBF is 34 now, he ain’t exactly young. not fighting them in their prime… lol. naw bro, he just made them look bad. Jordan’s prime wasn’t in his younger years. I know boxing is different, but OG’s hold it together better.

    you said 10 million in 2006?
    fam mayweather’s last 2 fight deal was for $120 mill?
    his fight vs. goldenboy was waaaaay more than that. biggest pay day?

    damn you brought up Kostya! lol. wow, you do know some shit! haha

    answer this?
    why is Mayweather set to get $60-70 million and no way on earth Pacman will ever see more than 35 million for their fight?
    be real. pacman don’t have that same swag and isn’t as exiting and doesn’t amuse the crowd like Ali did.
    and btw, did you ever see Sugar Ray Leonard fight live? Tommy Hearns?

    legacy? you’re bugging.
    level of competition? ha, man you’re trippin, then why fight Shane Mosley?

  • robertoMay 4, 2011 3:38 pm

    hey ben how much are those 2″jesus pieces? do they have diaminds? and how much for the kanye style ones?

  • MEMay 4, 2011 3:49 pm

    Lets address each point you made like men, like adults. Your incorrect homie. Margarito offered Mayweather in 2006 that would have been his biggest payday to date. Google it, he started to make real big money after DLH. Yes the DLH fight was huge, and alot of individuals believe he lost that fight. Pac destroyed DLH and you contradicted yourself, first you said Pacquiao was just fighting Mayweathers left-overs. Now you claim at any age if they get in the ring they shouldnt make excuses. Which one is it homie? Because every opponent Mayweather has fought, he did OK and Pacquiao destroyed them. Marquez is the only one who is different, you can make a claim he figured Pacquiao out. But that was wayyyy under 147 homie. Pacquiao over 140 beats Marquez and destroys him anyday just like Mayweather did. Mayweather reminds me of Naseem Hamed, remember when Barrera made him look like a queer, and a homo? After all that hype. All that shit Mayweather talked will have to be backed up, and Pac wont guide him through the last 2 rounds like he did with Margacheato and like he might do with Mosley. This is a shit talking, fool who made racist comments and will have to back them up in the ring. And im not asian. Tommy Hearns a legend, Chavez, Barrera, Morales all legends. Clottey is like Timothy Bradley and Andre Berto NOBODYS. That was a tune up, but how many tune ups has Mayweather fought? 15+ bro.

  • Seriously CuriousMay 4, 2011 6:55 pm

    the monthly comish you get off this site covers your ferrari note.

  • CrazyMTFMay 4, 2011 9:28 pm


    I was thinking the same thing about the Lakers. Someone better win or someone gonna die!

  • HeywoodMay 4, 2011 9:41 pm

    Mayweather is a boxers boxer period. Not the most exciting but Floyd is a perfectionist in the ring and there is no blueprint to beat him. His corner plays a big part he listens and makes adjustments. Castillo, Corley, Judah, Mosley all landed solid shots he took em and kept it moving.

    Both are great fighters let’s hope for a early 2012 showdown after the Super Bowl….March – Aug are good PPV months

  • HeywoodMay 4, 2011 9:43 pm

    the Game is 2 be sold not told…

  • CA$HMay 4, 2011 11:16 pm

    yo ben ever heard of P&S jewelry ?

  • Lakers4lifeMay 5, 2011 3:24 am

    I’m a fan of both pac and mayweather. I would have to say pac will have a better legacy in the end. Win or lose pac always puts on a show! And that’s all he cares about, making the fans happy. Mayweather on the other hand, owes me money for quite a few boring ass fights! Lol. But mayweather will be beat pac because Pac will be trying too hard to put on a show and will get careless while mayweather counters and runs and wins by decision. Pac fights whoever bob arum puts in front of him which is always a bigger payday fight, I hate how he’s fighting Mosley but aye it’s the only payday fight right now, just like how the clottey fight was back then. Mayweather is probably the most skillfull fighter ever! I dont think hes ever had to fight with 100% effort! It seems like he fights maybe with 80% which is sometimes amazing but sometimes annoying because he’ll play it safe when he has to. Money may knows how to pick his fights which is why he’s undefeated, he knows how to talk shit which is why he draws so much attention. He knows how to hustle and I respect that. But in the end pac has a bigger legacy, and mayweather beats pac by decision.
    Now Ben, please convince your boy to fight pac. For the boxing fans man. The whole world is waiting for mayweather to agree to the fight.

  • Shimp Doggy DoggMay 5, 2011 6:16 am

    hahah love the pic with you in the braids with kurupt!

  • mopakMay 5, 2011 3:30 pm

    fuck all the bullshit. Aye ben im about to buy a bike..i was thinking a honda 600rr..what you think?

  • CoryMay 5, 2011 9:06 pm

    I am in no way a fan of Mayweather, sadly I dont have a real reason so I will get into a boxing argument, I will say I find very strange that Mayweathers camp ( I will never fault an athlete for a decision anyone helps them make ) decides that to fight Pacman we need olympic style blood testing and only way they approve the fight is if blood can be drawn within the 24 hours leading to the fight, it is will documented that boxing has a strick testing policy and it has worked for them for countless years, it is also well documented that Manny has said when he has his blood drawn for the official testing by the boxing organization it takes him up to three days to recover. Mannys camp even said the test could take place in the ring at the end of the fight, and Mayweathers camp response was he could be taking something during the fight to flush any signs out of his system. I know alot of people who use performance enhancing items ( three in the NFL, one was caught and suspended ) and they all agree it takes time to get out of your system, and when you stop your cycle you can tell a notiecable difference in your bodys performance. So why would Manny risk that, meaning a noticeable change in his body before a fight. i wont say Mayweather is ducking, but I think we all can agree Manny is ready to fight.. I also will state Mayweather has had previous issues with Arum who is Mannys promoter prior to there ever being talks of a fight so I am sure that plays into as well.

    Now Ben on t the real talk, Your Lakers are shitting the bed and badly, all year you talked trash about my Heat ( before anyone says bandwagon I have lived in Miami from age 0-28, and now back at 35 and have been a fan since the teams start, still have my shirt somewhere from the first game ever at the shitty areana which had the overtown projects across the street ). Maybe you should post some pictures of those sorry ass Lakers walking off the court all sad, while my Heat look stronger then ever. you can say The Heat have bought a ring or 5 , but at the end of the day the Laker reign is over, the bench is weak at best, Bynum has been garbage, Kobe is slower and turning into a ball hog, and finally next year you guys will only get worse. I hope you do make it because nothing would give me more happiness then us dropping you in the finals but sadly I think the Lakers will get that arena ready for a Lady Gaga concert or something during the NBA finals.

  • MEMay 5, 2011 10:12 pm

    Bottom line, Gaynever doesnt make the rules in boxing. There are guidelines as when the testing is done and Mayweather doesnt make the rules. He can try and milk this fight for as long as possible, but with the 2 year age different between Pac and Mayweather I dont see Mayweather beating Pac. The loudest in the room is always the weakest, regardless of what any other previous post on this blog has said. Its like Hollywood lames popping bottles but get 3 day notices the next day on there apartments. Alot of talk and no action. Mayweather will be back in the ring, when his money dries up. The IRS doesnt release information that is incorrect, he owes and he will get in the ring, but not with Pac because he is SHOOK.

  • Ben BallerMay 6, 2011 12:46 am

    I can’t speak on a few things legally, so let’s really just get to the bottom line. and FACTS.
    1. mayweather is undefeated. bottom line. ducking? he’s retired… he got a huge deal that he may or may not sign. has it gone public? NO. but it will more money than anyone in boxing history has ever made. as for the last time forbes or people have counted my boy’s pockets…. he was worth over 150 million bottom line. owing the IRS a few million isn’t a big deal. he’s not worried about it, he’s got that in 1 watch that could be melted. did I mention regardless of whatever it may be, he’s undefeated. he fought a lotta great fighters.

    the bottle comment? lol… there are some clowns who def. live beyond their means. I don’t personally know any. I dropped 27k in a club in 2 hours and hated myself, but it didn’t break me. and manny? remember he’s not some model citizen, I have met dude, my girls fam is close to him, dude cheats on his wife often. he’s been publicly caught doing that, it’s been on the news with his mistresses….. nobody’s perfect.

    Money ain’t as loud as you think, he’s a chill dude, but he’s a performer, he likes to show out and I’m not mad at that. I’m a lot more calmer when you’re around me, but I have my stunt moments. I’m still around, been flossing since show and tell fridays, it’s just old and boring to me now. but I do it in different ways. I don’t need to wear chains all the time, I barely rock a chain on a regular basis. but I do got enough gold to buy a bugatti if I wanted to. that’s enough for me. I want to make sure my family is good and that I can make sure my kids to come will be good. with that said, my boy Money takes care of his business. the tax situation was on gambling when the casinos usually take their cut already. it will get handled. loudest guy in the room got belts, more than pacman got. argue all you want. he don’t need to fight manny. he’s loud and is the champ, undefeated. that’s brag-able to me. loudest guy in the room knocked out some bad motherfuckers.

    let me ask all of you a serious question? do you guys like seeing a humble boxer? how about a humble athlete? the great ones? nobody does. did you know that larry bird was one of the biggest shit talkers ever? magic, jordan, they all talked crazy trash, ego’s out of control…. well back to boxing, sugar ray, jake lamotta, mike tyson, and the great muhammed ali were huge shit talkers and loud mouths. Ali even more controversial. relax everyone, let’s hope this fight happens in feb/march of next year and if not, we’ll never know.
    there’s not a fight on earth that I want to see more than this one.
    I’m gonna do the stupidest thing I could think of and thats bet $3,000,000 to win on Mayweather. I’ve never placed a bet larger than $50,000 in my life.
    May isn’t getting in a ring with someone he don’t think he will defeat period. lol.

    done on that until a fight happens. it can be argued til 2080

    2. Cory, much respect that you live in Miami and are an OG Miami fan. I think I stated the other day on twitter that my issue is the fans who came along this past year.

    with that said, you guys are 2-0 with us this year, that hurt….. honestly? I think we got dallas, but we’re garbage, horrible. if you follow my last week of rants and even since we started the playoffs, we’re just not what we were. but we do have a legacy that will last forever. I don’t care about the spurs or cats who got their 2 or 3 rings, nobody remembers or knows them, this isnt a team where you say, oh that was then, this is now… naw. homey my team is legendary and is one of the most winningest teams in sports period.
    lastly? you guys are 2-0 on boston. I really think you guys are looking better than ever and Wade has been in this position before, but I don’t think y’all got it yet. you’re counting your chickens early. let’s see where we are in a month. now with the bought team you got. all good. I don’t think you guys are walking over anyone in the east next year, as the next year goes on, it will only get tougher as your team is young, BUT not that young, Bron is in his 8th season and he’s the youngest out of that bunch…. let’s see.
    you can’t talk about a ring you don’t have.
    now IF miami doesn’t win this ring this year? you will be the biggest busts that tried to buy a ring and failed miserably. all the dancing and celebrating. useless.

    everyone have a good night :)

    oh last! arum is a scumbag.
    I forgot to get into the steroid argument, but it’s all good. I don’t even care. it’s like asking will godzilla beat king kong? I just want this dream to happen.

  • MEMay 6, 2011 4:45 am

    Lets speak facts.

    Floyd fought a 36 year old Baldomir.
    Floyd fought a 34 year old Delahoya.
    Floyd fought a 36 year old Marquez.
    Floyd fought a 39 year old Mosley.
    Floyd fought a 35 year old Shamba Mitchell.
    Floyd fought a 33 year old Arturo Gatti.

    Lets talk about the loses Pacquiao has had. Rustico Torrecampo, this was in 1996, 15 years ago when he was young against a bum. You cannot judge this loss. Medgoen Singsurat in 1999 he was overweight at weigh-in cannot even consider this a loss even.

    Erik Morales is the only legit fighter to EVER beat Pacquiao. And you can also make a stand the first fight could have been called a DRAW, Pacquiao got enough power punches in for me to possibly consider it a draw. Your boy money brings this fight up alot because he knows it is Pacquiaos only legit loss. Rustico Torrecampo wasnt even fighting after 2000 for Pacquiao to beat his bitchass. Amir Khan got knocked out in 2008 by Prescott. Prescott agreed to fight wherever for whatever money in a rematch. Khan continues to duck Prescott because he is scared. Khan is with Freddie Roach so I dont have a biased opinion. Pacquiao never ducked any of his loses. Beat Morales ass in the next 2 fights and in the 3rd finished him quick.

    He beat Ledwaba for the title. Ledwaba was iron fisted. Pac took the fight on 2 weeks notice and everyone said Ledwaba was going to DESTROY him.

    Ben, how can you compare Mayweathers resume to Pacquiaos? Pacquiao has more fights, more active. All of Pacquiaos draws I believe he won. Anybody can win fights with cherry picked fighters. Pacquiao has fought the best, he still needs to fight some younger opponents for me to claim he is top 3 of all the time. So does Mayweather.

  • CoryMay 6, 2011 8:21 am

    Ben, i will give you respected on how you have been beating the Lakers via the blog and twitter however I sadly I cant see you guys getting past Mavs, I dont see you guys stealing both in Dallas, and to go home down 3-1 is gonna be hard. As far as my Heat I agree we dont have it yet, but if we take Boston I dont see anyone who can finish us after that. Guess we will wait and see, however I will be happy to attended another NBA finals in the sunshine state and home Miami… I also agree the east is only getting better, also depending on where CP falls is gonna make things tough as well. However if godfather Pat im sure is gonna work some magic in the offseason, also weather or not we get the ring this year ( which will be a huge bust I agree if we dont ) next year we will get better, Hasslam and Miller should be 100 percent, we will drop Howard and Damp and find a B grade center. I cant wait till Saturday, and good luck to your lakers tonight because unlike this other people I want my heat to face the best team in the league.

  • Ben BallerMay 6, 2011 8:25 am

    word word Cory,
    but how about I got a text this morning from your star D Wade that said “benjamin, its curtains for your boys”
    he doesn’t even follow me on twitter, but I guess he knows how much shit i been talking to his girl and dj irie

    I’m hoping for a miracle, the thing is, part of that miracle or something I truly think needs to happen with our team is playing ron more often and he’s playing scared because I feel as if he’s not been given consent to do HIS thing…. now that he’s out this game, I just don’t fucking know.

    I didn’t sleep for shit in the past few days. ugh

  • Ben BallerMay 6, 2011 8:34 am

    yo, since we’re being technical. pac is fighting a 39 yr old shane mosley
    he was 38 when he fought Money lol

    as for pacman’s draws? cmon…. I can cry about all the shitty judging and reffing, but what’s in the books are in the books and like me, I feel like I’ve had losses in life and came back with hard wins, props to manny.
    he lost to Morales, maybe you should watch that fight again. that was unanimous
    he has 15 more fights? that don’t mean shit.

    btw, I don’t know why your comment hit the spam filter

  • LostCauseMay 6, 2011 9:05 am

    Ben i think your forgetting the 04 Lakers as the biggest bust trying to buy a ring and fail. Just saying.

  • CoryMay 6, 2011 9:29 am

    Its ok Ben I am sure you will call the next year and a half for you guys a rebuilding time. Who knows maybe Jackson will hunt down Howard , but at this point I am going to call any team with a superstar who hunts out another superstar a team buying a ring, and I know the media wont call it that because of dumbass Lebron and the way he handled the issue ( I am not a Lebron fan, I am happy my team has him but fan wise not at all ) I wish your Lakers do pull it out, I would love to see them in the finals but as far as your legacy, I agree they were one of the greatest legacys in the book, you guys did crap the bed in 04 when you tried to buy a ring, but I would not even call it really buying a ring.

    Also let your by Wade know if he wants to give you some courtside lower bowl for finals I will glad trade you my season nose bleeds for those, and I will rep a Ben Baller homemade shirt as well.. LOL

    can not wait for tonight gonna be a great game, and is anyone watching the other series?

  • MEMay 6, 2011 11:14 am

    38? 39? 1 year difference doesnt mean shit. Mayweather ducked Mosley in his prime, that fight was being discussed in 2005 and the outcome I believe would have been different if they fought then. Do you see a pattern here Ben? Arum and Roach (I laugh at all the comments Mayweathers father says about Roach, Freddie the joke coach roach LOL) they match Pac up with opponents Money has faced to try show they are better and out perform Mayweather…They are banking on Pacquiao will KO Mosley and everyone will go “oooooh, Pac stopped Mosley but Mayweather couldnt” Look here, Mosley rocked May in the 2nd round last year, if Pac gets hit with those punches I think it changes the course of this fight…Mosley is still a big puncher, and if he hurts Pacquiao I think Pac takes shots worse than Mayweather i`ll give him that…When clowns like Timothy Bradley call out Pac or Mayweather its a disgrace, to the sport…that clown will be exposed like Berto, Ortiz doesnt impress and will never get over the fact he quit against Maidana and is the definition of a bitchmade. I honestly believe Ben the best matchup for Pac or May to concrete there legacy is Pac to fight Marquez is Mayweather isnt available and dominate the 3rd fight and then fight Sergio Martinez. Sergio Martinez gives May or Pac in my humble opinion trouble. Martinez is ranked second P4P right now…someone take the fight

  • P.A.May 6, 2011 12:00 pm

    @ben, I musta asked you lame questions for you to write an essay in response to a boxing mr. knowitall and a fucking heat fan, and not give me 2 sentences SMH lol

  • Ben BallerMay 6, 2011 12:19 pm

    @ME agreed lol…. pac treats roach like shit though. my girl and her mom spent saturday with pac and I’ve watched pac train 2 times… smh. I met freddie at Barneys in bev hills, but I dont ever approach anyone of status or fame, I need them to approach me 1st so I don’t look like a clown…. when Mosley got money in the 1st 2 rounds I was nervous… then it was goodnight sugar after that. you like martinez that much?

    @cory, word… I still haven’t cashed in my floor or near floor free seats from D Wade but I don’t know if I can sit there, being as I’d feel like I owe him. eh peace and peace lol

    @PA? what questions G?

  • HeywoodMay 6, 2011 1:31 pm

    Martinez got hands if he has started boxing earlier instead of riding bicycles he vary well could be lb4lb champ.

    Floyd’s most impressive win is the Coralles fight in IMO…RIP Chico

  • P.A.May 6, 2011 1:31 pm

    Its all good.


    “wtf does “catdicc jr” do to get long paper like that @ 23″?


    “I’ve been following you for about 2 years, and your past is the part with the most gaps (or that you detail the least). When you gonna drop a throwback blog with pix and shit from the roc/dre days, the nike talk, the college bball, etc? #Justaskin”

  • Ben BallerMay 6, 2011 1:37 pm

    @PA, “2 years” that’s the problem, since my myspace is no longer up, I’ll have to figure out how I’ll incorporate my older pics which most of these peeps already seen or know. I’ve posted a few things here though, you gotta dig, there’s over 700 + blog entries.

    as for catdicc jr. he owns 2 businesses. I helped him start 1 and he’s just following the blueprint and repeating the directions daily

  • CoryMay 6, 2011 1:37 pm

    @PA get yourself a Ducati Multistrada you will be Happy. I also agree Baller I hope your Lakers can get a win because a sweep would be ugly. But I dont see you guys doing anything for a couple years, even with a Dwight Howard, I mean Kobe is on his way down, your point guard is suspect at best, and I would be surprised if Howard does go to LA to play with a Kobe not in his prime. I am excited for tonights game and tomorrow the fight ( which Pac will knock out mosley ) and the game which one to record?

    Peace out have a good weekend, also how much longer to the AMC post.

  • mopakMay 6, 2011 9:46 pm

    “as for catdicc jr. he owns 2 businesses. I helped him start 1 and he’s just following the blueprint and repeating the directions daily”

    can you share the blueprint homey.

  • CoryMay 6, 2011 10:57 pm


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