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I was feelin really RITZy as I should….
we had our bring in the new year party at the Ritz Carlton downtown LA

OD on the champagne huh?
it’s okay… there were a lotta cabinet space in the hotel suite!

on our way to the hotel, had to make a couple random stops…
saw this and said, “damn, this is perfect for many people I’ve met”

I mean for real though, in the top 10000 things I’d want in life, FAME is not in the top 20000 for real… I hear and read it from people I kinda know and really shake my head like damn… how the fuck could you want to be Famous? I rather be rich. You want everyone to bug you? being an attention whore and being famous is 2 different worlds and are rarely related to each other if you really think about what it is to be Famous….

a doper pic is this kid getting hyped to start the new year off inside Petco!

this kid’s brother had on the full on venom costume on too… with the muscles on the suit and all…. amazing. I will let my kids rock a costume on a random day if they want lol

so now about the Ritz… they have a separate entrance from the JW which I think people confuse it with…. and they have the restaurant I mentioned before that has a 4 hour 10 course meal that will hit you for $450 a person without any liquor! But I never stayed at this hotel before…. they have an ill presidents lounge and for NYE they had free food and drinks for their VIP guests… and with 2 cards to go on, None of us went 😐
the room was nice and it’s definitely in the top 3 nicest hotels in the LA area (not OC because the Montage OC is not a game!)…. but the whole energy around this NYE party was on some, we want a small affair (13 people) on some grown up type shit; didn’t want to be in a club, didn’t want to be in a public place really…. just around some of my girls friends who happened to be friends with some old pals of mine as well.

so early on…

got my full grown man steez on with the Tom Ford Suit in the dressing room area with a nice view of the city…. literally…. 3pm to 8pm went by in 10 minutes! tooo fast! and remember, it takes women 2 hours to get ready

the hallway from the guest bathroom which leads to the master bathroom and bedroom… wait I’m going the wrong way

awww there we go…. the girls all excited to bring in 2011!

this whole party was all planned literally a week before and we didn’t even have true dinner plans until the night OF! we had a couple lightweight plans, but since it was hard for everyone to agree on a spot, I was gonna order room service and not give a fuck…. but finally everyone wanted to be at a restaurant instead…. so we ate at this spot called Roy’s in downtown LA, about 3 blocks from Nokia center and the food wasn’t bad, wasn’t excellent, but whatever…. the fact that they had on the lakers game and people dressed up in a somewhat fancy environment and a shuttle back to the hotel was more than enough!
it was a pre-fixed menu and…. 2 entree’s were worthy out of 9

obviously the GIGANTIC shrimp was off the hook! shit was around 9″ tall for real! smh…. the butterfish black cod was really good too, but the filet mignon, rib eye, chicken and other options were not so fab.

back to the hotel suite…
the room was on the 22nd floor and was a corner suite view and around 1500 square feet easily…. because of the new year rapeage, it was like a $2500 charge for a $1,100 room! but anyways… I took random pics obviously, but not as many as I wanted to as I was inebriated on some next shit…..

I ran downstairs to get my ipod from the valet and saw a room service cart rollin by….. gave the lady $5 for a flower

gave it to Nic

and then…. it was time to get ready for the countdown


fireworks downtown right between K-Town and Downtown

it was crazy having a direct view of Olympic Blvd. the 110 fwy and even other major streets to see the streets completely dead at midnight! but like 10 minutes prior, it was bedlam on the streets and highways!

checkin my fresh….

who needs a flute?

party ended early…. like 3am ish….
I heard Cops weren’t fucking around!
someone in K-Town killed a few people with his car smh….

but everyone got home safe!

well, actually…. surprisingly our friend got home safe after hitting a pothole and busted 2 wheels and 2 tires!!!

DAMN! could you imagine if that was my car on rims?


Saturday morning…..
I woke up at like 6am to barf, 9am to piss, then 1pm to check out of life!

so check this… I rarely drink compared to years before….
I drank tequila shots, hennessey & cokes, henny & apple juice, champagne, vodka & soda and whiskey shots last night…. and blunts. smh

I felt like hell the entire day and night
I needed Pho, I needed a lotta shit, but what I got was gatorade, water and TV and 4 advil!

while I was laying in bed…. my mom was working hard because New Years day is a big holiday for Koreans…

she prolly sold 100x that… did my fellow K’s eat dduk?
Sah He Bok Mani Paduh Say Oh!

I wanted to go see True Grit, but that never happened!


I woke up early as hell!
woke up hungry as a 3rd world country kid with flies in front of his face

and so me and Nic took off to her parents crib, because her mom be hooking the kitchen up!
ever since x-mas breakfast, I’ve been fiending for some Longanisa and fried egg!

I texted Nic’s brother this picture who was in Temecula and he was like “damn! I want some!” haha

shit… I was burping until late last night for real!

so after that, watched some football…
I passed out on Nic’s parents couch for 2 hours….
woke up and was going to renew my costco membership, but I was too damn lazy….. but we needed to go to Target, so we got up and out and in less than 8 minutes, I felt like I had walked into a different world….

we went to the Target at Eagle Rock Plaza and wow! I feel like people are still in 1992 there!
and on top of that, shit is little manila for real!
wow, chow king, seafood city, goldilocks(forgot to take a pic), Jollibee and like 3 other spots that were filipino owned and mad kiosks with filipino stuff….

as food coma stuff as I was…. did you think I wasn’t gonna stop at Jollibee?
I had to get a chicken leg and a dr. pepper!

and then we walked into Seafood City and was browsing through Filipino magazines and there was an issue of UNO mag that had NIC in it! haha, so we bought that….

and I walked around because their markets are so different from Korean supermarkets….

so as I’m leaving to go back to my car….
I stumble upon this crazy kiosk with mad exploited Filipino tees and things… and that’s when I come across maybe the most illest t-shirt ever lmao rofl

I mean WOW, like for real blow that pic up and just look at everything going on in that tee…. “all I do is win?” had to be a cat from cerritos or daly city who designed that! smh lol

so we get in the car and it’s raining hard as hell and it’s 41 degrees outside!!!!!!! so I start complaining and then my homegirl Beverly sends me a bbm pic of snow in valencia? wow!

I heard near castaic lake it got a lot worse…

I got a lotta work to do and I got a lot of things I need to do to keep the fire going!

so I gotta get going!

god bless
happy 2011!


much love homey and don’t forget to hook that thing up



  • Willab416January 3, 2011 12:59 pm

    She must have been hella crunk to keep driving on them wheels

  • TxAdolphJanuary 3, 2011 2:42 pm

    already doin like a boss do…..

  • MaritsaJanuary 3, 2011 3:18 pm

    Your blog is always so entertaining! Love Nic’s bangs! You two are so cute. πŸ™‚

  • fivefeezyJanuary 3, 2011 4:04 pm

    sounds like pho + some OG wouldnt even cure a hangover like u had lmao

  • Dae Woo KimJanuary 3, 2011 5:19 pm

    μƒˆν•΄λ³΅λ§Žμ΄λ°›κ³  ν•­μƒκ²…κ°•ν•˜μ„Έμš”.

  • Arthurone1NYCJanuary 3, 2011 6:24 pm

    Doin it BIG like always that’s the American Dream True Bo$$ Shit I salute U Bro!!!

  • Seriously CuriousJanuary 3, 2011 8:24 pm

    ur girl is definitely wife material. she seems like she carries herself in a respectful way. good find man.

  • Ben BallerJanuary 3, 2011 8:32 pm

    Dae Woo, happy new years bro haha

  • ZJanuary 4, 2011 1:09 am

    FUCK IT!!! IMMA KEEP MASHIN !! FUCK THE COPS!!..LMFAO.LOLLL.. Thats one down ass hyna. She musta been suuupppeerrr fucked up!! I need one like that! Either way.. glad she got home safe.. and glad you blogged that shit…Hilarious..

  • HeywoodJanuary 4, 2011 11:03 am

    Literally defining “riding till the wheelz fall off”

  • Jim-eJanuary 4, 2011 11:29 am


    Welcome to the FLIP side. I bet that Longanisa was making your burps nasty as hell…hahahaha. oh, and her mom made you guys some cornbeef and garlic rice. WOW! That’s how I feel about when I see my girls parents and they treat me like a king and make me Naengmyeon every time we see them. So funny how that I’m filipino and with a Korean and your Korean with a filipino. I saw your boys (FEM) on NYE while I was in Seattle for work. I know Seattle for NYE, that’s random.

  • KevinJanuary 4, 2011 11:37 am

    What’s that black and yellow champagne behind the rose called?

  • Ben BallerJanuary 4, 2011 6:23 pm

    @kevin black and yellow? huh? where do you see anything black with yellow on champagne in the pics?

  • Jim-eJanuary 4, 2011 10:07 pm


    I think he’s talking about the 3 bottles of belve in the back

  • richJanuary 5, 2011 11:43 am

    i think he is referring to the bottle thats left of the ace of spades.

  • kevinJanuary 5, 2011 8:29 pm

    my bad bro i meant behind the spades on the left hand side i see alot of people drinking that what kinda champagne is that?

  • kevinJanuary 5, 2011 8:31 pm

    the back bottle with the yellow stickers

  • kevinJanuary 5, 2011 8:32 pm


  • Ben BallerJanuary 5, 2011 10:59 pm

    smh…. that’s not black and yellow…. thats pink and that’s Veuve Cliquot Rose’…. you mean the yellow regular Veuve that you see a lotta people drinking. it’s 1 of my favorite champagnes and it’s very highly rated amongst wine tasters.

  • KevinJanuary 6, 2011 1:53 pm

    Oh I see that’s Wasup…I’m gonna have to try that Soon but right now rose is my favorite.

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