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what a past 48 hours!
I thought about blogging the Michael Buble concert and then…. I really thought and said. NAHHHH, hell naw!

wtf? dude was waaaay funnier than I thought and the show was good and thank you baby (and cherie) for the lovely seats and hook up…. but my readers don’t wanna see that shit!

so anyways….
man, my homey Gabrielle Union who I’ve known for around 20 years ALWAYS HITS ME UP LIKE 10 MINUTES BEFORE CHRISTMAS WITH SOME LAST MINUTE IDEA! fawwwwwk manggggg!
the worst part about it is…. last year when I made her mans some jewels, it was very basic and subtle and some chill out shit….
BUT THIS YEAR, HE IS MY WORST ENEMY! I can’t do it! I’M NOT GONNA MAKE D WADE aka 1 OF THE BIG 3 A CUSTOM MADE PIECE BY IF AND CO! and then I got the mass bbm’s and cussed out and thought about all the favors Nicki(gabby’s nickname) and thought to myself…. fuck this is 1. good press… 2. good seats to heat vs. lakers games or any other games when I’m in the MIA and 3. a good look for everyone.
so fuck it…. gotta rush and make this shit for #3 uggghhh

and then Apolo who I’ve hit up 3x saying “yo fam, if you want something made for a friend or fam, let’s get it going before you come to LA for your book tour”…. this simple motherfucker hit me up 2 days ago! smh… man so we gotta make something for a loved one now for him

I gotta make another CUSTOM jewelry gift for my big homey James Bond and this is like 3 more pieces added to 10 due before xmas! fuck maneeeeeeeeee!

so what a random ass past 48 like I said…. and here’s some funny shit

my boy Jordan got this as an early x-mas gift….

a custom 1 of 1 be@rbrick

but anyways…. back to my 48

this guy, thinkin he’s cute by puttin on a silly santa hat and tryin to put me in a better mood while driving on our way to Icee Fresh….

a very very rare watch… you could cop a brand new 2011 E-Class benz for the price of this…. good shit AAO, rep your endorsements brodie

you wanna see some ice?

anybody interested in copping a 500 carat black and white diamond chess table? with real gold chess pieces? and the table alone weighs almost 3 kilos!
if anyone wants it, holla 😉 THAT TABLE AIN’T FUCKIN AROUND!

so we finally figured out what we’re gonna do for Apolo and what I’m gonna make and I’m not getting him anything personally because I don’t like japanese people that much ^_^

so we shook out to Crooks N Castles to meet up with some homey’s and they laced Apolo with some new gear and this fool took off his shirt and for real….. this olympic son of a bitch got a chest as wide as a handicapped bathroom door. Apolo must be on that muscle milk with extra 8zone shit cuz he’s like 10lbs heavier since I 1st met him!

left there…. headed to grab Nic at the grove and I dropped off my lil homey…..
me and Nic went to get some groceries…. but really I just wanted some soft drinks and fruit and I wanted to hit a fancy spot… so we went to bristol farms and

that was $50.00 shown above…. and
then we headed across the street to ralphs and got like 5 bags of groceries for $47.00 wtf?

met up with a hard working korean kid/student who I’ve sold some kicks to and is a blog reader….. who read my x-mas wish list and got me something on there

thank you Wonny, much appreciated….

I think I got almost everything on that list except for the moncler jacket which I’ll prolly scoop up when it actually gets cold enough for me to rock it

now, I got a question for you….
what was your dog doing last night?

well the homey Scott’s dog Zoe was countin cash after a long hold em session…. smh
shows you that bitches of all species love money. lol

so if you’re in the bay area and are going to see the Drake, Far East Movement concert in San Jose, then you’ll maybe catch me there…..
and guess what?
you know it’s near x-mas and you know I’m the giving type dude…

so 1 lucky lady in the audience will get this Pink 6900 Casio G-Shock with a fully flooded diamond Face!
and this is definitely an understated timepiece compared to a fully flooded one so it’s rockable for a girl on the everyday if she wants to…. AND BEST OF ALL IT’S GONNA BE FREE! $0.00!

so in honor of my OVO canadian homies….

I poured a deuce in my drank last night, so this blog is readin kinda slow….
a toast to my whole fam I’m bout to rock out with in the bay!
a toast to all the assholes!

FM, Drizzy, IZ…. LET’S GET IT!

P.S. woke up this morning to change my bbm status and seen this….






  • GeneDecember 16, 2010 3:27 pm

    Nantucket!! Crack!!

  • CrazyMTFDecember 16, 2010 4:15 pm

    Hey Ben have you seen the Gucci Watch Grammy Audtion yet those joints are tight.Ummmm lets see who’s going to copy cat you g-shock style this time Ziamond Empire maybe?

  • ATLWoodDecember 16, 2010 4:31 pm

    Good post bruh. I’m guessing Apolo wanted ya to post that watch on here since you’re always having to blur out his non-sponsor joint(well truthfully only once that I remember). Lol you need to polish that shit up for the homie cause that shit was lookin kinda rough. But on the real Apolo seems like a cool ass down to earth dude who is doing his thing major and takin advantage of all opportunities while they’re still available to him. Nuff Respect!

    P.s. Check my other reply and suggestion about those bullet pieces in your previous post from a couple days ago.

  • DylanDecember 16, 2010 7:08 pm

    damn thats whatsup! man i emailed you on the 24k email??

  • P.A.December 16, 2010 7:25 pm

    Ducktape buttrape on the groceries! LOL

    Can I get a quote on the flooded face 6900?

  • Don DDecember 16, 2010 7:40 pm

    That chess board is craaazy ben!! it will look dope on my future yacht 😉

  • MrodDecember 16, 2010 10:41 pm

    Damn, that omega is hell a hard, what year is it? Saw your boy Apollo on Lopez live the other night. He was looking kinda light, what’s up with that? Not reppin the IF. Btw that chess set is crazy stupid

  • TxAdolphDecember 17, 2010 6:28 am

    I guess when you rep for the world they let you rep hard the Omega is ill, as for the chess set c’mon BB you dont have to go and do that you are already killin every other jeweler out there and as for the Drank you know where i stand on that stay dranked up bro from the Tx 2 Cali….

  • hopyhDecember 17, 2010 8:29 pm

    Looks like a Qee, not a bearbrick.

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